Steering wheel cover for toasty hands

Even with the warmest gloves, my hands still get cold from the steering wheel. I decided to fashion my own cover. Maybe this would help you as well. This is what I used.

I took 3 pieces of very heavy felt and cut then to fit the 3 sections of my steering wheel. I cut them big enough to accommodate an extra layer of felt and two strips of velcro along the other edges of the felt. I wrapped each piece around the wheel and secured it with the velcro strips. I can't begin to tell you what a big difference it's made especially on my fingertips. Hope it helps,


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  • What a creative "busy bee". Thanks Faith for sharing that - now with the real winter coming, ice and snow etc. :) Happy New Year. My little trick is wearing a pair of race gloves for driving, but this sounds a lot more warmer.

  • If your creativity has gone out of the window and you want to buy something instead, Cetic sheepskin company do a sheepskin one.

  • We actually have them here in the states as well, however the interior is made out of tire material. The smell is so overwhelming especially with the heat on in the car. So, I decided to try and make my own. Can you tell me where I might order a sheepskin cover. Thanks, Faith

  • Maybe you could patent this design Faith

  • That's not a bad idea. Thanks

  • Good luck.....see you on dragon's den????

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