gloves...can't find any that really help.

Any suggestions on gloves. I've tried so many kinds with little success. I have silver gloves that I put inside regular gloves. Has any one tried sheepskin?



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  • Hi, the last newsletter from the RSA - they are looking for volunteers to try out new gloves have you applied? I did the same day the newsletter arrived. No harm in trying out something new and it's free lol.

  • Is the newsletter on their website? I don't seem to be able to find it. I'd be interested in testing some gloves! Fran I do the same as you with silver ones inside regular ones. Caroline

  • The only gloves that work for me are sheepskin mittens - no other fabric works. Mittens are much warmer than gloves as they allow for any warmth you may have in your fingers to be transferred to other fingers. Before going outside always ensure your fingers are warm. I also warm the mittens on a radiator before going outside to give the fingers a boost. If it's exceptionally cold outside I also insert a heating pad inside each mitten and push it down around the fingers. The heating pads last a good 6 hours, but if you're going to be out for longer than take a spare set - they are lightweight and easily transportable.

  • Where are you from? I'm wondering how cold it gets where you are.

  • I wear the silver gloves inside a pair of mittens with the fold back bit, so I can still use my phone when needed without fingers getting cold. Also do the same as Woodford and use the heat pads (you can buy them cheap in sports shops) which are placed over the fingers inside the mitten. Always make sure they are fully heated before you leave the house and you should be ok. Good luck x

  • The problem is my loss of sensation, which is worse when I wear thick gloves or electric gloves, and I have to take them off to do anything. I wear the silver gloves which allow me to be as dexterous as I can be. I put inside Mycoal bags which last 8 hours. I keep my gloves near the radiator to be warm when I put them on. I have learned that I have to buy several pairs of silver gloves because they get dirty as I do everything with them on (including eating) when I am out.

  • Hi Jason, I horse ride and would like to know if you have any idea how much these gloves cost?

  • i cant wear the silver gloves as, as soon as i put them on my hands start to turn blue and numb ish,, socks not quite the same reaction but not far off....took me ages to get my hands back to "normal". sheepskin help but get too hot for me and make my hands swell.cant stand the heat either...great

    ordinary leather gloves with the lining taken out seem a bit better ,

  • they make my hands cold

  • I love the new heattech gloves by Uniqlo. They keep my fingers warm, and even if I get cold, I don't lose circulation. When it gets really cold, I pair them with mittens.

  • Reference the request for volunteers in the RSA newsletter, they are looking for people who can travel to South Wales for tests. If you can do this then just send an email to Danny Clegg at and he'll arrange for the information pack to be sent out later this month.

    I've not found any gloves that can really prevent an attack. However as an attack be triggered by the body feeling cold it's essential to keep as warm as possible and the best thing I've found is to keep drinking hot drinks and avoid cold food and drink as much as possible. If I get an attack then I circle my arms like a windmill as fast as I can as this helps push the blood into the fingers.

    Good luck!

  • Hi and thank you very much for referencing the study on here. To anyone reading the post by AKJCF11 the information is correct. I am running a study to test the hands of Raynaud's sufferers to determine different and potentially more ethical ways to test the severity and anatomical location of symptoms. Concurrent with this study I have been working with different materials for a year now, and at some stage in the future I will be having gloves made, which will also need testing by people with the condition. If anyone is interested please contact me on the email address kindly provided by AKJCF11, which as stated is also available in the latest newsletter. I am happy to send out information sheets to anyone interested (aiming for early February) and nobody is under any obligation to participate based on showing an interest, and may withdraw at any time! Thank you again

  • I wear leather gloves lined with cashmere/pure wool while driving but like Woodford find sheepskin mittens are the best for warmth and I use silk liner gloves when its really cold. Putting them on the radiator to warm up gloves/mittens really helps. I also have a pair of down ski gloves which are lovely and warm but are very bulky so only use them when out on my bike or walking.

  • I have the same problem in finding gloves that will keep hands an finger s warm. The pain I can not stand.. I have so many they just don't work. Dealing with CREST I have to deal also with the toes an keeping them warm.. So any help or ideas I will take...

  • I find for driving the best solution for me is warm leather gloves with thick oversized polartec fleece gloves over the top. That is ok down to about 5degrees. Below that I add a heat pad inside. Once temperatures hit minus I add a latex pair first, under all the others, which feels odd but seems to help.

  • Mittens and liner gloves are the way forward for me. I spend a lot of my leisure time outdoors and have invested in mountain walking mitts as they are designed for what I need.

    I have diffuse scleroderma and secondary raynauds, my hands are permanently cold and I have to wear gloves indoors.

    I have a pair of Mountain Equipment Mountain Mitts which I use with liners day to day. I have also just splashed out on a pair of Black Diamond Absolute Mitts which should give me some comfort when the temperature dips below zero (they're designed for minus 40, so if they don't work then nothing will!).

    As for toes, I love my The North Face down filled boots - seriously warm. They do a slipper version too!

  • when i wear gloves my attacks last longer gloves dont help me

  • Some kinds of large thick rubber gloves help. Some outdoor wool or acrylic type outdoor gloves/even some thermal gloves compress the fingers and make Raynauds disease/phenomenon worse, and the thinner ones are not warm enough, so its a matter of looking round for the best. Its best to choose gloves that are bigger than your hand size.

  • I have been trying at times to get out and about on an electric bike. They are great as you only need to pedal if you feel you can. Other times the battery does all the work.

    But the ongoing cold weather has made this impossible. The last time I tried my whole hands went blue and that was just a short trip. And the pain it caused was unbearable.

    So after having given it up as a bad idea, especially when an ulcer flared again, I decided to look for alternatives.

    I was wearing really thick ski gloves but that was not enough for me. My search led me to this

    But I found that there have been people who have adapted this idea for walkers, putting the cuff over the top of a walking stick. There will probably be a link on a UK site somewhere if you search.

    If they are large enough, you could wear normal gloves inside them.

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