Re my recent Q about ginger to help with Raynauds I remembered a Yoga seminar I attended many years ago Conductor was a gentleman who praticed Ayuveda (think thats the name) medicine He noticed my raynauds - much to my embarrassment and advised ginger, fresh rather than tabs (dont know why it should matter) Small amount grated into hot water once/twice daily According to him ginger works from outside in i.e fingers,toes etc inwards This apparently slows down the rate at which it reaches internal organs, including heart so less likelyhood of fast beat, or palpitations Have purchased fresh ginger but not got around to trying yet If anyone else joins me I would be glad to know how you get on Another thing I have tried and found helpful, provided skin is not broken is Snofire rubbed wel lin to affacted areas old fashioned but it works

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  • Must try the grated ginger. What is snofire and where would you buy it?

  • Snofire is a chilblain ointment in stick form - available from most pharmacies Or buy on line but as it is a chesp product £3.99 p&p can up the cost

  • Thanks for the advice. I will buy some and try it

  • I think I will also give the fresh ginger a try, with warm water and a touch of honey, could be a warming winter drink

  • Yes I agree am also going to add honey

  • I drink grated ginger,honey and lemon juice for sore throats and it makes a lovely drink so might try it daily through the winter to see if it helps raynauds

  • I too have used this mix for coughs etc and agree it will be a good plan to take as a daily boost in Winter - tastes nice anyway!!!

  • Well I've got the fresh ginger, but then was a bit unsure as to what to do with it. I didn't fancy keeping it in the fridge and grating some every time I wanted a drink or cutting off small lumps and grating my finger ends. So I have peeled it all, grated it and spread it out on a plate and frozen it. I shall then put it in a plastic box and hopefully be able to take a small spoonful out at a time to make a drink. It is powerful stuff, made my eyes water. I'll let you know how I get on.

  • What a good idea Yorky! I've been keeping in fridge and grating a small piece -yes along with fingertips.Wil lfollow your lead on this Freezing is a good idea as it will keep better, also get the eye watering over in one Surely such "powerful" stuff must have an effect. I've just started ginger myself , will be glad to hear how you get on I'll keep you posted too

    Cheers xx

  • Well I've been drinking the ginger and honey for a week, at least 2 mugs a day, and I think it does help a little. I have noticed that the attacks on my hands do not last as long. I usually have to put them into warm water to defrost them, but now they seem to recover quite quickly on their own. I shall definitely keep on with it as I rather like the taste.

  • Well done!!

    I haven't been quite so conscientious but taking it every other day, alternating with green tea as thats also said to help, and taking 120 mgs of ginkgo I think its all helping - my husband says its surprising I dont burst into flames!!!

    I also find hands recover quicker Do keep intouch and we'll see how we go Any improvement is worth it and the ginger/ honey is natural

    Take care cheers xx

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