Pain behind both knees!!

Hi everyone for the last 2 weeks I've been having pain behind both my knees!! They feel swollen inside, it's a constant ache and then occasionally it's quite a sharp pain does anyone experience this? I've made an appointment to see the GP tomorrow to find out what I can do about it!!

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  • Sorry Kerry - no I don't experience this.

  • Hello, I have problems with my knees, especially the right. It is enlarged and I had it xrayed a couple of years ago and was told that the ligaments/tendons are calcified. It is now much worse, can hardly walk first thing in the morning until I have taken Ibuprofen. I was told a couple of years ago that nothing could be done, but it is sooo painful. I have a rheumatology app in Jan (if it is not postponed again) and I shall be asking for another xray, I don't believe that nothing can be done. See if your GP will send you for an xray.

  • I too have pain in my knees and like Yorky, especially the right one! I have been told that it is a build up of calcification in between the knee joint. The pain is constantly there day and night and no amount of pain relief diminishes the pain completely. When I told my Rheumatologist about this he gave me a cortisone injection and it felt so much better for a couple of months and that in itself made me feel better in myself because I didn't need so much pain relief. Obviously this wore off and the pain gradually came back again. I then went to my GP and he gave me another cortisone injection which really does help. May be worth asking your GP / Rheumy if you could try this. Hope you get it sorted.

  • thanks everyone...the pain i have is more an ache and almost like ive fluid behind my knees, i dont really need pain relief for it at the mo although sometimes it can really ache. Im due to see the rhuematologist in January so the GP said to mention it to him. although she did say to start taking my naproxen twice a day again as she feels its to do with inflamation. ive recently started taking it in the mornings again as the injection i had in November has worn off. x

  • Hey Kerry! I have OA in my knees, and a Baker's cyst behind my R knee. In May, I had surgery for a torn meniscus in same knee. I really hoped it would improve with that, but the cyst and OA truly interfere. I had the hyaluronan injection in Sept, with only the slightest relief. That shot can only be administered every 6 mos, so I'm waiting for the second round. In the meantime, I take naproxen with minimal relief :(

  • just taken the kids out for a walk in the wood...when we reached the cafe as i sat down had sharp pains going through both knees...well mainly behind the knees!!! this is the second time its happened where ive been standing/walking for a while then sat down...roll on my rheumy appt!!

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