Chest pain!

I've been suffering with chest pain since wednesday and i've tried taking rennies to see if it's heartburn but i don't think it is as i've still got it. I'm also suffering with shoulder pain and neck pain that started today and i was wonder if anyone has any ideas to what it might be i've got the doctors tomorrow but i just thought i would ask on here to see if anyone has any clues to what it might be.


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  • I could very well be heartburn - it is vey painful. Let us know what the doctor says good luck .

  • Thanks i will keep trying the rennies untill tomorrow and yes i will let you now what they say and thanks

  • Are they aware at surgery . why not ask for word with gp on phone, or ring nhs direct for advice. NOW. better be sure than sorry.

  • Nope there not aware as i didn't say what i'm making an appointment for i just got booked in for tomorrow evening. Yeah i think i may ring the nhs and yeah sure is as i have had this chest pain for ages its just the other 2 that started today

  • Hi,

    I have similar symptoms about six months ago, my advise to you is to ask ur GP for a referral to a rhumatologist ASAP.

  • Hiya, ahrite did you did you find out what the cause of it was and yeah i will do thanks.

  • All the best with your doctor. Tell the doctor all. Get referred to a rheumatologist also.

  • Thanks my appointment isn't until 4.30pm so still got a while to wait, and yes I will tell him everything and I will try to if he will.

  • Hey just to let everyone know i went the doctors and he pressed on my chest witch hurt and he did the same with my shoulders and that hurt aswell and then he said my bones were cracking like there brittle. He thinks i may have inflammation so i've got 400mg of ibuprofen for it witch i've gotta take for about 5 days. He also said i could have raynauds cause he noticed my hands were abit purple and red and i said i already have that so he has gave me nifedipine for that for when i get pain.

  • Pleased you got sorted out. best wishes.

  • Thank you.

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