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The answer to keeping warm at home

Hi Everyone,

About three weeks ago I sent for an electric throw from Amazon. Well if any of you want the best Christmas present ever ask for this. It's just amazing. Brown and furry ( although not over the top) it is the truly the best thing to keep you warm on these cold days or nights. It has a temperature gauge and you can almost cook yourself if you want to!. It costs £34.99, but imagine how much you save on heating bills.

Happy Christmas to you all and hope you keep well.

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I have one. Great. It warms me up very quickly,


Please help

I was recently diagnosed with severe Raynaud's and my GP has suggested a change of job. I work as Herd Manager (milking, breeding and caring for cows) 100% outdoors all year round; I have to use robber gloves to milk and treating cows and have to use lot of (cold) water I also have to wear robber boots and walk in cow dung all day everyday. I do not have the appropriate words to accurately describe the pain I feel in my fingers and toes. i recently resorted to dipping my hands and feet in warm water but this seems to cause some nerve problems (loss of grip). would appreciate some suggestions,


Look on the Exo heated products web site. These are designed for motorbike riders but are great for us. If you heat up your body you will have less trouble with your hands and feet. I think you can get sheepskin lined wellies from Celtic Sheepskin. None of these are cheap but could keep you doing your work. Also look online for welly liners . The soles of wellies are way too thin for us! You must add some extra insulation even if that means wearing several extra layers of socks and a bigger pair of boots. Your GP could have a point if there's no way you can avoid all that cold water on your hands! But I would say can you work differently? Could you employ someone to act as your hands - an apprenticeship for them?


John Lewis sell socks for wellies and also heat pads which are electric. If you have a power socket close by you could plug in and keep having a quick warm up. I use it on low to take the edge off the pain.

You may love the job but health is more important, I know as I have a progressive form of MS with the resulting nerve pain and damage. You might have to start thinking of your future and planning a change in your work. Never easy at the best of times.

ps I fancy a pair of robber gloves...


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