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I started taking 1000 IU D3 in October 2010, stopping for the summer and starting again in October 2011 when I also added a chewable multivit. In July 2011 after 8 years the falling sensation stopped completely and has not returned. I feel very well and some sensory issues have also corrected. With MS it is impossible to know if the vits help or if remylination has taken place.

It is also impossible to say if the Raynauds might be even worse or if there is any effect at all but I do feel generally well and I have not had the usual severe reaction to the cold virus which usually strikes me early in the year either last year or this.

Has anyone else any observations in respect of vitamins - positive or negative?

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Yes but as you say, how does anyone know for sure.


I have a vitmain c loaded smoothie every day ! I blend 1 banana, + vit c fruit eg kiwi or peach etc, + probiotic yogurt, + freshly squeezed orange juice and hey presto !! I also avoid being in places with lots of people, and any coughing or sneezing potential germs ! When I was first diagnosed, 15 years ago, I used to take 1000mg of vit c and 1000mg of vit e every day as by prof Black's recommendation. It is only the last 5 years or so i quit this routine and try to encompass the healing foods in my diet ! :)


I am on my fast day today and the wonderful smoothie has made me feel hungry but only 30 mins to go before I can have a small snack. Brian bought me some wonderful British cherries - now I am dribbling.

Thanks for your comments


As part of my treatment I am prescribed high dose vit c vitamin e and dispersable aspirin. I also add in multi vitamin and mineral and a probiotic but to be honest I'm not sure they do anything

Suzy ;)


Sizy - But how do you feel?

Healthy, good, bad.

Feeling good generally is half the battle in dealing with the negatives in life.




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