I want a moan !!!!!

Last year when I was in having Iloprost I had a steroid injection in my right elbow as I was told I had Tennis Elbow..... At the beginning of July It started to get very painful again so I rang my GP to check that they would give me an injection before making an appointment... Yippee I thought they do give them ... Went on 11 July to have the injection, and what did my GP say ''can you wait until you see your Rheumatologist'' .. No I cannot, I do not see him until September when I have Iloprost... He gave me the injection and off I went. Elbow, did not get any better so on Tuesday I went to see him again. The pain is also affecting my fingers, keep going numb and tingly and whenever I move my fingers the pain travels to my elbow. I also have a swelling from my elbow to my wrist. Also I cannot straighten my arm as its too painful. My GP said that he would not give me another steroid injection but take ibuprofin - what does he think that I have not tried them. Nothing is working... He said there is nothing he can give me for the pain and to wait till I see my Rheumatologist which is in September. I done no more but called the nurse advice line and she is going to talk to someone and call back tomorrow - watch this space...... Must get myself into gear and change my GP

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  • You have done right to call the specialist nurse.

  • I take Tramadol for my pains, it works failry well and doesnt give me the nasty side effects I get from codiene. I recently had my back and shoulder go out and terrible spasms, couldnt move my left arm at all. I alternated cold packs for 1 hour then heating pad for one hour, just switched back and forth as much as possible and it helped alot. Maybe it can help with the pain in your elbow. And yes it sounds like you need a new GP, they should be able to give you something besides Ibuprofen for help with the pain. Hope it gets better soon, and if it is Liz at Chapel A on the help line, she is great and can usually get you the help you need. Or get you into the Rheum sooner.

  • I also have Tramadol and Codiene have tried them both but is not getting rid of the pain.... I haveTiger Balm and I have started rubbing that in on as the voltarol and ralgex isnt doing anything xxxx

  • Oh, I go to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London and the nurses there are also very good xx

  • Appt at Royal Free on Thursday - going to look at my elbow then maybe have ultrasound to find the right place to inject .... Lets live in hope !!!!

  • Unfortunately you have to fight like mad to get the attention you want and need. Don't give up without a fight!

  • Im glad to hear you are getting in to be seen, hopefully they will inject the right spot this time and get rid of the pain!

  • Was seen by my consultant yesterday and gave me another steroid injection in my elbow and said that sometimes it can take 2 or 3 before they work... I think he got it in the right place as it feels much better today, hopefully ........

  • I have an extremely painful right elbow,it seeps fluid and stays infected.it has been doing this for years. My doctor never offers any help,told me sometimes the elbow can be surgically cleaned out,has anyone had this done? thx

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