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another trip to the doctors

has anyone had boils, & I don't mean just one, i have had them on my breast under my arm on the left cheek of the buttock and on the back of the leg I lost count the ones i could see, they have now burst and have formed scabs, which catch on clothing doc says its just immune system going into overdrive but it just seems one thing after another, i think i'm at my doctors more than i'm at home these days...getting sick of the sight of the place,they must be of me.

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I used to get boils all the time, then I read that if you take a Tablespoon of Cream of Tartar in warm water and drink it, that it helps to get rid of them. And it worked, then I was told to take it once a month and it would prevent them from occuring. I did that for about 5 months and I have never had another boil. It is supposed to get all the impurities or something out of your system that cause the boils. But I was not on all the medications then that I am on now, so I would ask your doctor if he thinks it wouldn't hurt before you tried it. It tastes terrible but it was worth not having boils anymore.


Thank you, i will ask the doctor got another appointment for in the week just be nice to be boil free, so to prevent them returning even better.


Jeanette, not had your problem with boils, but I just wanted to say, thinkk how many doctors we keep inw ork between us - got to do our bit for the ecomony:)


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