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Yorkshire Sculpture Park Trip (Wakefield) Visit May 2011

I'm an outspoken individual but I like to think I take other people's feelings into account. I only know one person who suffers the way I do and no one else really understands... therefore....

I think more of us should get together to discuss problems / solutions. And lets face it the only people that will understand fully are us... the sufferers. I know personally my symptoms are virtually disappearing as I get into my late teens but I think speaking to others really helps the 'mind over matter' aspect of the disease.

Therefore I propose a regular meet up...either online or in person of those people in a local area. I have 10 sufferers in my area on the directory part of the website that may be interested in meeting regularly providing dates meet everyones approval?

Why not do it sooner rather than later and see if people fancy meeting up and visiting the new exhibition by Jaume Plensa at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Sunday 1st May? You don't have to like art to go as It really is a truly inspitational exhibition! The only charge is getting there and the £4 parking which is more than worth it.

Let me know if you fancy meeting up by sending a message via Health Unlocked, if i get more than 10 people I may be able to set up some group discounts in the way of food and parking.

All the best

Tom x

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Hi. Thanks for all your blogs and input on Health Unlocked (HU). So far the 40 RSA members on health unlocked are scattered all over the UK so it may be quite tricky for some people to make it to the event, which you suggested. However, the RSA has got meetings organised in Leeds, Newcastle and Cannock this Summer as well as our Annual Conference in Chester which are a great opportunity to meet up with other people who have Raynaud’s and/or scleroderma.


Hi Fiona,

I did see the Cannock meeting mentioned on the RSA website, I'd be interested in finding out some more details when they're available please as it's not too far from me so it's one that I might be able to make.

Thanks for your help,



The Cannock Meeting will take place at Cannock Chase Hospital on Wed 20th July in the evening for members of the RSA. A booking form will be posted to you towards the end of May.


No meetings in Scotland? Isuppose relatively speaking the population is a lot smaller so probably the numbers of people with R&S are less.


The RSA tries to vary where regional meetings are held each year. In the past meetings have taken place in Scotland but we are not going there this year. Keep an eye on 'Hot News' for future events though.


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