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Feet affected far more than hands. Is this the same for you?


I have been diagnosed with Raynaud's for a couple of years, and despite Nifedepine, have freezing feet every day. I even had an ulcer for the first time recently - I couldn't believe that could happen in the summer. My nose gets very cold sometimes too. However, I've only ever had a couple of times when my hands were involved.

Am I odd? Does anyone else have Raynaud's mainly in their feet?


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Hi Katy,

I have Raynauds and Scleroderma and have ulcers on my fingers and sore places on my feet where the toes have changed shape into hammer toes. My hands and feet are always cold - in the summer it only takes a small breeze and I am back into socks. If you wear trousers, may I suggest DVT socks (available over the chemist counter), if these would be suitable for you, as they work for me, keeping a constant blood flow so feet do not get so cold.

Good luck.


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Hello, My feet and hands are both very bad. Yesterday when it was quite warm I wore a lightweight pair of trousers, but with my snug thermal leggings underneath. I find that I can't keep my feet warm if my legs are cold. I always wear cashmere socks (as recommened by Barnclown on this site) Probably by September I shall be back into my boots with the electrically heated insoles.


Thanks for your replies. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one! I must say though that my hands are comparatively unaffected, other than in really cold weather. It's my feet that are a nightmare.

My hubby works for Damart, so I tend to wear their thermal socks. In the winter, I wear them over lycra tights and then top them off with high leather boots outside, sheepskin ones in the office, as they get coldest when I sit still. Then they are topped with thick trousers.

Do you find your feet are coldest when you sit still? Of course, int he cold weather mine are cold all the time.


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