Appearance of Brusing, swelling, and pain symmetrical in large toes

I have Raynaud's and maybe systemic scleroderma (I say maybe because I had a diagnosis 13 years ago with no follow up. Long story). Anyway, I have "sores" or "bruising appearance" symmetrically on my large toes. It is difficult to walk at times. I've used an epsom salt soak, worn two pairs of socks, etc to try and keep the blood flowing but it isn't helping much. Has anyone else had this type of problem? I seem to be having more vasoconstrictions than normal too.

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  • It seems to me that you should see a rheumatologist. From your message it is difficult to know if it is the bruising that makes it difficult to walk or your systemic sclerosis. I have a lot of difficult walking and can only go a short distance, then I have to stop and start again. But I can't go far. I have a car and a blue badge so as to park as near as possible to where I have to go. If you have Raynaud's you are entitled to a blue badge for parking.

  • Hi, wow how did you manage the blue badge, I can't walk one foot. I'm not entitled to DLA, blue badge nothing :(

  • Tell them that you have Raynaud's.

  • I had one when I lived in an another area from my old doctor. I will have to inquire about that as well.

  • Hi there - I noticed you said you had a blue badge ....I have CREST & severe raynauds I feel I would like to apply as just the distance to walk from car - wherever sets off the attack plus my feet are sore with potential ulcer break down of skin & swollen toes . The thing is i can walk but it would just ease the difficluty of just a few places to get to & to be honest I 'd generally only need to use it in the winter what would you advise ?> thanks AliW

  • Talk to your doctor. All they have to do is sign the paper you pick up from the DMV/BMV. Let them know that while you may not need to use it everyday, there are times you really need it. My old doc had no problem signing mine. I haven't asked the new one yet.

  • That's what I'm thinking. I had a small issue with this a year ago and my GP said "keep warm." Well, duh, I already knew that and was doing my best. This time it's 10 times worse. If she won't refer me I'll have to find someone who will I suppose. I can't take much more of this...not being able to function.

  • You don't have to put up with it. Insist on seeing a rheumatologist as soon as possible.

  • Hi I periodically get bruising on my feet. I sympathise, I can't walk one metre. :( wish I could help. I've tried the salt baths etc.. I also lose my toenails and all the skin on my feet.

  • Oh my! I'm sorry to hear that. The skin is going up over the edge of my toenails..but I think it's where they're swollen.

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