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Does anyone else also have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome?

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Hi, I was diagnosed with Raynaud's about 4 years ago & with Hypermobility around 3 years ago. Having reviewed the Hypermobility web forum quite a lot of them also suffer from Raynaud's either as Primary or Secondary and even some Scleroderma.

I was just wondering if there was a known corrolartion between the two.

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Hi, I do not have this Syndrome, amongst the many that I do have. So I am not able to comment with any help on your question. But look on the RSA main sight and see if they have anything there that might help. There is another site that has loads of information on all sorts of conditions related to Scleroderma and it is the International Scleroderma Network, perhaps you can see if there is anything there as well. Sorry to not be any more help.

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I have this and there is a great site: the uk hypermobility organisation's- google it & it should come up...made all the diff to my understanding of my condition - lots of great info/fact sheets. Maybe you know this site already if that's the forum you've been on. My impression is that these conditions can go together, but who knows if a correlation is "official"

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I also have EDS 3 and also live in the uk. I am still trying to workout when i should take tablets and also if i should take them as i also have a heart condition. No docs have really explained it to me x

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