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A Girly Post - Mooncup

Just an extra one as I am on an immune to embarrasment day! I know Scleroderma can create a lot of gynecological problems.. I have recenty been converted to a product called Mooncup (it's a menstral cup basically.. sounds icky but is great). It's basically instead of tampons and collects the blood. It doesn't affect the natural balaces in your body, as collects instead of absorbs, you only need one and it will last forever so saves loads of money and is eco friendly. Their available from boots and I am a convert, they are also just much more comfy and better for your body (none of the risks associated with tampons)..So just a good thing if you have other medical things to worry about already!

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I used a mooncup when I had my periods, wonderful thing. Took a bit at first dealing with the messy side of it. But so much better than pads and tampons!


I use a mooncup too (although unrelated to my mild Raynaud's) and can recommend it. I do still use tampons when out and about as I don't think emptying and replacing the cup in most public loos is very hygienic, but this is quite rare. When I do use tampons, I use organic ones from Natracare (coton is one of the crops most intensively sprayed with pesticide in the world), which are non-chlorine bleached and free of synthetics, dyes, plastic and additives.


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