Raynaud's Awareness

This week I had to take part in a 3 day first aid course for work, and during the course we discussed the effects of heat and cold, so I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to bring up Raynaud's, no one in the group had heard of it, (no surprise there) but whilst explaining it, the group was amazed that there is such a condition that very few people know about.

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  • That is weird as when I have spoken to people I am amazed at how many people have heard of it or actually have it themselves (often in a milder form).

  • Posters, leaflets and bookmarks etc are available from the RSA to help raise awareness of Raynaud's and scleroderma. Please contact the Association if you would like to receive some publicity materials.

  • Hi, I was in college when I started having symptoms...didn't know what was going on for a few years. However, in the meantime my symptoms got worse and worse. First it was limited to my hands/fingers but eventually I learned that the cold affected my entire body. Both inside and out. So if I chug a cold glass of milk my cheeks, tongue and throat swell up (the first time this happened I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something, not fun!). My entire body reacts -- even in the summer. I've gotten used to it but it can be embarrassing especially if my face swells up and I have to face people. It doesn't go away quickly either. :( Is there anyone else out there that has it as extreme as I do? If so I'd love to share. Most people I know or have spoken with only have it in the milder form.

  • Hi got diagnosed with raynauds a few years ago, as i said in my blog its either people have raynauds i.e. they have or someone they know has it, or they have never heard of it and haven't got a clue.

  • I work in a Social Care office so you'd think there would be at least some awareness among the care proffessionals that I associate with on a daily basis. But no, I still get the strange looks and questions whenever I'm in a meeting and my hands decide to take on their deathly white colour!

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