Knuckle "lines" are bright red

I have Limited Scleroderma with signs of REST (not the C). The palms of my hands have the appearance of a gala apple...sort of red and white with red dots. Something new has shown up and I have not read about it anywhere, so wondered if y'all had any ideas. On each finger, where there is a joint, the lines are bright red. The red lines are on the palm side and on the top of my hand when I make a fist. I'll ask the doc at my next appt, but thought I'd ask y'all in the mean time. Blessings

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  • I have CREST (although not much of the S!) I also have primary biliary cirrhosis, another autoimmune condition which is linked with CREST. One of the signs for this is mottled palms, so it might be worth checking whether your autoimmune blood tests have a positive to anti mitochondrial antibody also.

  • inkedup, thanks for the input. I'll ask at my next appt.

  • inkedup, I just googled primary biliary cirrhosis and don't see mottled palms as a symptom. Can you tell me where I can find that online?

  • inkedup...never mind...I found it. thx again

  • inkedup, thanks for the input. I called my doc and they said to come in right away and bring pics on my cell, just incase the "look" is gone.

  • My Knuckles permanently look as though I've punched brick walls , with thick circles of reddened skin. It's just another of the many symptoms of the scleroderma, apparently. Looks particularly odd ih the Summer when the rest of my hands get tanned!!

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