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Swollen, red, sore toes

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Hi All

I've recently experienced swollen, red, sore (even to the touch) toes.

I've blamed everything from my running, my yoga, yoga mat, food reaction.

My fingers are not same so wondering if it's connected to my Raynauds.

GP is a complete waste of time & energy so haven't even considered going to them.

Any thoughts? Many thanks

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Have you seen a chiropodist or podiatrist? I had something similar and it turned out to be a small corn right in the corner of my nail which was causing the pain. You can apply via the GP for free podiatry service on the NHS with raynauds and scleraderma as your fingers and feet need to be kept in check and there is nothing better than a podiatrist who can see all around your feet. I have found one at my practice who has specialised in scleraderma and gives my feet a good looking over every so often. I must point out that sometimes you could get newly qualified podiatrists who haven't even heard of it but they are few and far between.

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Connie75 in reply to PaleIndian2

Thank you for ur reply. It's most toes and several are swollen below where nail begins.....so annoying! I've always looked after my feet. May try another foot specialist see what happens

Hi, could it be gout? It seems very similar to what my mum suffered but luckily it cleared up quickly with the right treatment.

Sounds like chillblains to me. I googled those same symptoms when I first started having trouble, and that's how I found out about them. Every health professional I asked about them, though, shook his head and said he'd never heard of them. UNTIL I went to a podiatrist. Hallelujah!! Even the receptionist knew what they were. I felt so validated!

That is the good news. The not-so-good news is that there isn't much you can do about them besides babying them by trying to keep your feet at a moderate temperature and wearing shoes that don't press on your toes. I wear sandals year-round now. In the winter I wear them with socks. So much for fashion. ; ) I think they are a common happening with folks who have Raynaud's.

could be chilblains. do you have red nodules as well?

if it's chilblains it should go away in two weeks max.

(My own chillblains are a continuing problem as long as it is cold.)

When I was first diagnosed with scleroderma 1 year ago my toes were red and the skin was shiny. The skin started peeling off my toes. They were really painful and I struggled to carry on with yoga. Down dog was painful as I couldn't bend my toes at all. The skin eventually stopped peeling and I am now able to bend my toes but the skin is still shiny. I think you should see a podiatrist but good luck finding one on NHS. I had to pay private.

Oooouch I've just googled chilblains & you may all he right! But chilblains in April/May?!

I've had Raynauds all my life, not diagnosed until I was 30, have suffered from the usual lack of blood to extremities, feeling the cold in hot weather & hyperhydrosis.....not had this before. I'm wondering if it was the hot weather we had in April then the drop in temperature that's done it. My tootsies are still sensitive to touch.

Doesn't help being on a yoga teaching course & having to be bare foot in front of people, the nicest painted toe nails can't mask the redness. Maybe it's only me that notices!!!!

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Lynnie in reply to Connie75

I had chilblains on every toe, and my heels, in DURBAN !!!!... In temps of 35 deg C......urrrggghhhhhhh

I get that too and it needs treatment. Ask your GP to refer you to a rheumatologist.

Thanks everybody. I have been to see chiropodist today who was brilliant. Very caring, gave me a lovely treatment and was really knowledgeable about my Raynauds (more so than any of my GPs have ever been).

My toes are in a much better state than they were last week but she could tell that I had had them and I also have a small redness left on one toe.

She advised me to purchase iodine tincture (in case skin splits again ugh) and Balmosa cream - they are in the post to me already. Seems I will probably get chilblains again....Im not looking forward to it!

So annoying - I have just been for a dog walk in leggings, socks and Ugg Boots - my friend had flipflops on - suppose you have to laugh x

I was diagnosed this year with Raynauds at 50 years old. I suffered over many winters with red swollen painful toes that often pealed and had small red dots. I went to a major hosp In Philadelphia for consultations in my 30's and 3 doctors had no idea what it was. It is never a problem in the summer but flares In cold weather, closed shoes iritate door and toes. My hands also get painful and tingly on occasion. Feet look terrible until they heal and it can take 5 months to clear up. Curious if anyone has found effective treatment

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Laura2305 in reply to Madison105

My daughter (24) has what sounds like exactly the same condition. Any updates on treatment Madison105?

I’ve got the same, I believe is due to overheated and hot water bottle

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