Supermarket Freeze

Gloves and coat at the ready, no, not a winters day, time to go food shopping. Why do Supermarkets have to be so cold? Not just around the chillers or freezer cabinets either, its the whole shop. I start to get funny looks spending too long hugging the hot cooked chicken counter whilst wearing fur mittens in summer! My hands are usually so cold when I get to the tills I can't pack my bags.

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  • LOL too true, the fact that everyone else is in short sleeves and I have a cardigan and gloves gets the weirdest looks. I often have bad hair days and I wear a scarf when I go out so it doesnt show, or to help when I get my sweating bullets attacks, and then you get the looks like I am on deaths door. Not sure why people associate scarves with really sick people hehe

  • Me to - never go to supermarket without thick jumper/Cardigan, gloves, socks and shoes etc. No open toe sandles in there bbbbbrrrrr too cold. hehehe

  • Me too, but, don't go full stop (unless I absolutely have to), I told my other half we would have to do online shopping which he didn't want to do so I said he would have to do the shopping then (which he does) !!

  • Just been to the supermarket - Sainsbury's - good job I had a warm cardigan and gloves with me - just because its warm outside why oh why do they have to have the air conditioning on so so cold - surely they could keep it to at least 20 deg - still chilly but not like walking into a fridge freezer x

  • i know its a nightmare. u have to walk round quickly, it wouldn't be so bad if it were just the chillers, its like u all said, its all the shop, its all the supermarkets which are as bad, aldis' aren't too bad. its not only the supermarkets which are bad. its other shops i.e. clothes shops. as last one shop i went into was so cold i had to walk straight out again.

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