wrinkled mouth- any suggestions on how to improve

I have Raynauds and Scleroderma with all the associated problems. However, and I know it is only vanity, one thing that does trouble me is my very small wrinkled mouth. It looks as though I have been a 60-a-day person and I've never smoked!! Have any ladies (or gentlemen) found any magic lotions that can improve the situation. I don't expect a wrinkle-free face but just something that can soften the lines around my mouth so that they are not so noticeable. They are plenty of products on the market that offer miracles (and I have tried a few) but it really is trial and error. So if anyone has found such a product please don't keep it to yourselves. I know this is really so unimportant when people are suffering with all sorts of problems but sometimes little improvements can help keep your spirits up in order to endure the larger problems. Best wishes to all and thank you for listening on such a trivial matter

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  • Hello, no I don't think this is just a trivial matter and vanity. I have a small mouth too, and wrinkles and barely visible lips. I have some mouth streching exercises (no I don't do them often, although I know I should) and I wonder if they would be more helpful than a magic lotion. I do put paw paw cream on my hands at night and I also put some round my mouth, but I think any lotion would probably help. I sure that I remember someone on this site saying that the exercises helped to make her mouth bigger. If it was bigger it shouldn't look so pinched??? I shall now go and find my exercise sheet and get on with them daily.

  • I have a small thin mouth too and it makes the work of the dentist very difficult. I understand that the exercises help with the suppleness of the mouth but I doubt that it makes any difference to wrinkles. You can get them from the Royal Free rheumatology nurse. I haven't applied for them yet.

  • Thanks Zenabb and Yorky for your replies. I already do mouth exercises and, although I'm sure they are helping with the suppleness, they do not seem to be helping to improve the wrinkles which I'm afraid I will just have to learn to live with. I must just remember to keep smiling as the wrinkles seem to be less pronouced when I smile!!!

  • Not trivial at all! I've been using MacArthurs Paw Paw Cream for almost a year now. It's not a miracle cream, but I think it's helped (wishful thinking?) and that makes me feel better. So I guess it's worth it! I ordered it through E-bay.


  • I have those wrinkles too, but just look on the positive I don't have wrinkles anywhere else on my face. Don't waste money on expensive products. I've recently started using 'Bodyshop' body butter. a little on the face once a day and hands when needed esp. after being in water.Keeping the dryness at bay reduces the visibility of wrinkles and keeps the skin supple, preventing all those cracks we are prone to. x

  • I have these wrinkles too and don't think you are being trivial at all! For the past 6 months I have been using Phytocare Pure Papaya Ointment from pawpawshop.co.uk. It has certainly helped with both the suppleness and the wrinkles but I don't know of anything that will take them away completely - unfortunately! x

  • I had a very tight mouth, so much so that I looked as if I had had a stroke. Because it pulled down my right lower lid. I have a brilliant holistic therapist, who gave me a hot stone facial massage........ta dah! I can laugh again, smile and eat properly!

    It's what I call 'my £25 smile'! The beauty is that it is permanent and pain free. I've gone from actually pushing a grape between my teeth, taking a ridiculous amount of time to eat. Whilst, for instance, today I had a massive panini..yum!

    Hot stone massage is ace! But you do need to find someone who knows their anatomy. So I suggest a holistic therapist as apposed to a beauty therapist. Before you know it you'll be doing this :)

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