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Hi all,

I thought I'd post this newsletter link in case you may wish to sign up.


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Thanks so much Sophie 🤗I’m in Michigan. Glad to meet you

Hope you’re doing some better.

Take care my friend.

EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🤝🌿🌸🦋

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Sophiebun11 in reply to honeybug

Hi Honeybug,

Nice to meet you. It must be so freezing there in MI. I'm in CA and it's too cold for me and it's 49 today!!!

You take care of yourself too!!

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honeybug in reply to Sophiebun11

Wow you’ve got a heatwave going on there compared to here. Single digits with windchills here at 2:30 pm. We’re having 10 days of below freezing weather for the days’ high temp.

I’m sure that 49 is terribly cold for there. I’m unfamiliar with Winter temps there.

I pray your area was spared the fire rampages. I can’t begin to imagine how horrific that is. I keep praying for all living things especially when fires are reported

How’s your kidney disease doing?? I hope it’s improved..,sorry you’re going through so much. I understand as I’m dealing with multiple comorbidities myself.

I have nausea at the moment. I will need to take a break…hopefully it will pass.

I’m having problems with several conditions currently and often it prevents my getting back to replies I want and intend to answer.

I read your bio. Wow did you ever have a full life of things I had hoped to do myself but never got to.

I hope we can keep in touch my new found friend.

EJ ❤️‍🩹🤝🙏🕊🤗

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Sophiebun11 in reply to honeybug

Please feel better with your nausea.

Best wishes. Hopefully it will warm up. Stay cozy inside in the meantime.

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honeybug in reply to Sophiebun11

Morning Sophie 🤗I hope you had a good weekend. We have had back to back snowstorms here.

Expecting 2-4 inches today on top of the 2 we got yesterday.


I hope this week is a good one for you.

Take care stay safe.

EJ 🤗🙏🕊❤️‍🩹🤝

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Sophiebun11 in reply to honeybug

Hi Honeybug,

My goodness, that sounds cold but beautiful at the same time.

It's snowing a lot about an hour from me in the Sierra Mountains. They got 5 feet a week ago over the weekend. It's a big ski area.

No snow here but we get the chill from the snow I think. I gets into the high 20s at night which is too cold for me. Then we get up to 114 in the summer which is too hot!!!

I hope you can get warm enough!!!!

Stay/get warm and be safe!

Snow dusting
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honeybug in reply to Sophiebun11

Apologies Sophie…just lost a long reply I was finishing to send. Can’t retry now. Hope to try again soon.

Love and prayers.

EJ ❤️‍🩹🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊

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Sophiebun11 in reply to honeybug

Oh, I hate when that happens. It used to happen to me a lot on here, but then it became ok. I hope that isn't going to be an ongoing issue.

I know you must be frustrated. I'd be glad to hear from you whenever you can.

Hi Sophiebun11

Sorry to push in on your posts, I was just wondering if your heating bills in the US are escalating like ours in the UK.

I find with my heart problems and Angina also the Raynauds keeping warm is paramount. If we continue

to use our heating at the same level as last year we have calculated that our bill will more than triple in price.

We are told to keep warm by layering (which I do) but I find that no matter how many layers, blankets, heat pads

etc., if I am still breathing in cold air, even with a scarf over my mouth, I am in trouble!

This is not said as a political statement I just worry how the elderly and the sick and disabled especially on low incomes will manage! Hopefully you are better placed in the US, I know feeling the cold is all relative but even in sunny California when the temp., drops you must still feel it as you said! Keep warm everybody!

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Sophiebun11 in reply to Bkart


I am on a very fixed income. Luckily in the US, or my area anyway, PGE which is our electric company has a program for those with certain health problems. If you have heart, or autoimmune diseases which are affected by temps then your Dr. fills out a form for the company and you get 20% off your heating bill.

I never use the apt. heater. I find it warmer and cheaper to use a space heater right next to me so I'm not paying to heat the entire apartment. The building is heated so many here go sit in the rec room to watch tv and hang out and not use their own heat. Gas heat triggers my migraines so an electric space heater works best for me. Just as I can't use my gas stove either due to migraines.

You're right about layering. But sometimes it's like you can only put on so many clothes and socks or they are stretching out and you don't feel any warmer anyway.

I hope you have a pet to snuggle with, they are a great source of heat!

Stay warm as you can until you thaw in the spring. Then we'll be sick from the heat!

Furry legs

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