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Steroid injection

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Hi everyone. I had a steroid injection this morning in my little finger. It's been locking alot lately and causing pain in my lower arm. I'm told it's because of skin thickening in my hand. Only diagnosed in July. Has anyone else had this experience?

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I have had several, in my shoulders, elbow and knee (although the knee was for osteoarthritis) I found they worked well (apart from the knee!) I had very bad shoulder impingment and could barely move my arm. I was warned they would probably only last 6 months max, but i had mine 2 years ago and although it is wearing off in my elbow, the shoulders are great.

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Pink07 in reply to pinkcat26

Good to hear that it was a great benefit for you. I also had one in my knee for osteoarthritis afew years ago but that didn't do anything for me unfortunately.

ask about cellcept, celebrex ok. i use wild lettuce extract from ebay or mt rose herbs for pain works great 10 drops under your tongue morning and night. ask about hand pt. good luck warrior i love you. julie

Hi Pink,

I've never had an injection in my finger but I had to get them in my shoulder a couple times. For me it really helped.

I hope it brings you relief.

Hello Pink, yes I've had steroid injections a couple of times but in my shoulders. I've been struggling a bit this week but I'm thinking maybe it's the cold weather making things worse. Hope your injection does the trick. Best wishes.

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momo17 in reply to Betsie

Hi, I’ve struggled with a frozen shoulder for a couple of years now n thought a steroid injection was out of the question with systemic sclerosis because it can cause an illness flare up. Just curious if this could be an option for me as it has gone on for so long n I’ve spent a fortune on physio. Thanks

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Pink07 in reply to momo17

I'd definitely ask, If I were you, my rheumatologist said it was fine to have one. It's definitely helped. Really glad I had it done. Good luck 😃

Appreciate that info. Thanks so much 😀

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Pink07 in reply to momo17

You're welcome. Let me know how you go on xx

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momo17 in reply to Pink07

Will do. It’s been sore for so long, can hardly dare to imagine otherwise! Thank you x

Hi Pink07 I’ve only just read your post, I’m fairly new to this and still awaiting a diagnosis but definitely think the signs are there for SSc. I have tightness and skin hardening in other areas of my body and it now feels like it is starting in my hands and arms. I have what appears to be the same problem but didn’t understand what it probably was (although I don’t think mine is any where near bad enough for injections if it is this). It has only just started to happen but extremely painful and my fingers and hand are useless and I just have to wait until it ‘unlocks’ and the pain recedes to be able to use my hand, So far just in my right hand, which is my dominant hand and as yet doesn’t happen too often.I am learning so much from this forum about things which are difficult to explain and hard to understand so I just keep asking. Thanks if you see this reply.

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