Supermarket ordeal

I've been almost a total recluse over the winter months - lucky for me I work from home - so it was really nice to be able to venture out over the weekend without coat and gloves. However whilst I was out I made the mistake of popping in to my local supermarket for a few bits. Once I got past the warm air blowers at the front doors I could instantly feel the cold from the chiller cabinets and it got more unbearable the closer I got. I dashed round, grabbed what I needed and got out of there as quickly as possible. I really must remember to keep my arctic gear in the car for my next trip!

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  • I know what you mean, I get wierd looks because I always have my gloves on in the supermarket. I can be in a t-shirt and no coat but still have on some gloves LOL. But I have gotten used to the looks and I just smile and try to grab my item out of the refrigerated section, and then usually promptly drop it because it slid through my fingers due to the gloves! hehe

  • I think the cold aisles in the supermarkets have certainly got colder in the last few years. I often keep my gloves on whilst I'm in the store and as I am usually shopping with my mum she often grabs the milk etc for me. I always joke with my mum that she always manages to stop and have a conversation with me in the cold aisles - the solution is to run off with the trolley to an aisle with no fridges!

  • I have always disliked the cold section at the supermarket, even when the Raynaud's attacks were few and far between. They almost make me feel ill.

  • I make a bee line for the section in the supermarket where they sell hot roasted chickens after I ve endured the cold section. The glass is nice and warm/hot - OK this behaviour usually prompts a "can I help you?" from the staff but they do understand when I explain that my hands need warming up.

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