Wrist pain?

Does any body know what causes wrist pain I've been experiencing a lot of wrist pain this week can't apply pressure on it cause it kills in both wrists but its mostly the right one that hurts the most can't even cut my dinner into small pieces cause it hurts. Been having all sorts of joint pain this past week thanks for help in advance to if anyone replies!

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  • This will be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some people get it as part of their Raynaud's. I have it in my fee Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. :( see your Rheumatologist about this as surgery 'could/can' be done it's similar to RSI in typists.

  • I have raunauds. Have lots of wrist / arm pain. Constantly. None of my rheumi/ raynaud specialist have ever mentioned carpal tunnel to me yet my sister has suggested this mite be the cause. What test do they do to diagnose carpel do U no please

  • Hi, sounds very much like what Cardifflady is saying. If so I have that also and after seeing my Rheumy I now wear a suuport cast thingy (not sure of the correct term) and that does help. Best wishes.

  • See the OT can help you there .Yes i have wrist pain its all imflamed just part and parcel in what we have .Having them injected soon ..OT CAn help with splints information hand therpy .

    May over done something like useing p.c ..

  • Thank you for all the replies i will try and get into the doctors see if they can find out if it is that, can it cause pain in your feet fingers and hands as well cause i seem to be getting the pain there as well.

  • If it is Carpal Tunnel then it will casue pain in your fingers, and also it can cause them to get numb with the pins and needles feeling in them. I had surgery years ago for it, but it has come back now due to the Raynaud's. Inflamation in your wrist causes it to pinch off the nerves so you get numbness and pain. The wrist supports can help, and I also keep deep heat or pepper oil on mine to keep it 'warm' and this seems to help.

  • IV been for lots of tests recently but still they don't seem to take notice when I tell them how bad my wrist is. But the pain does go rite up my arm a lot as well. I constantly spray deep heat. Wouldn't be with out it. Does any of U when wake up have the most horrendus pain in arm fully. But also a numb feeling.

  • I get that a lot mine is caused by Osteoarthritis though, it's especially bad when I have a Lupus flare, I do hand exercises that the physiotherapy dept gave me that helps a lot but I certainly have less movement in my wrists than I did have. I don't have much pain in my feet except for peripheral neuropathy pain, but I do get a lot of pain in my fingers and knees. I take diclofenac for the pain but I only need to take 1 every other day that way it just about keeps on top of it but doesn't upset my stomach. I found this by trial and error of the least dose I could take and not have pain! I think keeping the afflicted joints warm helps too.

  • Hi, I was wrongly diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome a number of years ago and was given the decompression op in both hands. It was the worst thing I had ever done, all this did for me was aggravate what was already there. Pins and needles, shooting pains in the hands and in the arms. This I have now found that it was Raynauds all along. I still have all the sensitivity and pain in my hands and toes daily. I would advise you think carefully about carpal tunnel surgery. I also have joint pain and weakness in my wrists. Best of luck

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