Evil Air Conditioning!!

I hope everybody is enjoying the warmer weather and perhaps finding that you can go gloveless (even if only for a brief period!). There were a lovely few days at the end of last week when I was outside and able to enjoy the sun. However I attended a presentation on Friday only to find that my hands were freezing midway through when they put the air-con system on. I mean, I know my body thermostat is out and I feel colder than nearly everyone else I know but there are very few occasions (particularly in this country) when air-con is really needed!! Evil things!!!! Who invented them?!?!

2 Replies

  • Completely agree, whoever invented air-conditioning should be shot! (Well maybe that would be a bit extreme but you know what I mean!). I work in quite an old building at present so don't encounter it too often during my working day, but later in the year will be moving to new premises which will be equipped with air-con in every room. It's so unessesary. Given that I constantly have to carry portable hand warmers with me, I think anybody who is too hot should be made to carry an ice pack, or at least go and stick their head in the fridge for a couple of minutes. That would cool them down and do away with the need for me to sit in meetings with an icy blast from the air-con penetrating my half a dozen layers of clothing!

  • Maybe we need to start a campaign against them! Either that or carry toolbelts to take them apart!!

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