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Another Appointment another set of Treatments

Hello again everyone,

Well I had an appointment on Thursday with a new Dermatologist and was told the regime I have been using for the last 5 years was wrong and that was why I was not getting any relief from my skin problems. Sigh I dispair sometimes and get so angry when you find these things out. I wonder why the other doctor who was supposed to be an expert with my condition, which is Lichen Sclerosis, I seem to be collecting sclerosis' or is it sclerosis's hehe no idea, didn't recommend this from the beginning. But on the new regime now and hoping for the best!

To keep myself occupied these days I have decided to start playing a new instrument, it is called the Mountain Dulcimer. I used to play the violin but my Raynaud's has affected my hands so badly that I can no longer hold it. The Dulcimer is held in the lap and is very easy on the hands and fingers. And one good thing is even though I have no idea how to play it I do not sound like I am stepping on a cats tail like I used to with the violin lol.

The warm weather, well warmish weather, has got me starting to get ready for some planting in the garden. I can't wait, I have lots of veg this year that I am going to plant in containers out on the back patch of cement hehe. I am new to this gardening thing and have tried two years now with no success, so hopefully third year is a charm! Looking forward to some fresh veg and strawberries and having so much I don't know what to do with it!


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Good luck with the new treatment - hopefully you'll notice a difference really soon. And good luck with the garden too - sounds like "The Good Life" with all the fresh fruit and veg you are aiming to grow!


I have Lichen Sclerosis diagnosed in 1992 with my Scleroderma - only treatment known to control this is Dermovate ointment - I hope you are getting this now.


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