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Window Shopping

Today I grabbed the rare opportunity to spend half an hour in the town centre during my lunchbreak but yet again it has only served to make me frustrated with the fact that I'm constantly cold. Having wandered round several of the high street shops it seems the fashion trend this spring/summer is a return to the 'blouse' (sorry, this is where I lose any men reading this blog!).

I'd love to be able to wear a flimsy top or dress on a night out, they all look so lovely on the hanger, but I just know that I would be perished if I attempted to go out in the evening without wearing several layers. Does having Raynaud's preclude me from wearing the latest fashions or is there a way to still enjoy getting dressed up this summer in something off the catwalk (well off the peg in New Look anyway!) without suffering from frozen hands and feet? (I don't think a thermal vest would look good under some of these items!).

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This is a really frustrating problem - I tend to wear layers when I go out too. Wearing a fleece and gloves really tops off a dress with heels!! (such a good look!). I try and make sure my time outside is minimal when I am going out and wearing a dress - I was at a posh do last weekend at a hotel and as soon as I walked in I grabbed a seat next to the open fire!! The only other thing I can suggest with a dress or thin top is wearing a cardigan (not an old granny one!!) or a shawl type thing to try and keep warm. Hopefully we might have a warm summer (perhaps a bit optimistic!) and you can wear what you like without fear of attacks - well it's a nice thought!! :-)


Unfortunately for me gone are the days when I can wear something flimsy - unless I am in a hot country. I do sometimes get away with wearing a vest underneath a blouse and of course a very nice cardigan - which I never take off. Unfortunately people think I am mad when I say I am cold as their reply is always "but it is not cold". I don't try and explain anymore.


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