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Here I am again, I just want to say a very big THANK YOU to all your lovely and uplifting replies to my previous post, and yes last week is history and today came, and I had a little more energy, even if I didn"t get up until 10 o"clock!!! So I had my breakfast at the supermarket, did my shopping. I bought a hedgehog house 2 weeks ago, so I have just set that up in my garden, I am waiting in anticipation for a visitor and hope he/she likes their little house! So I hope all you wonderful people are having as good a weekend as you can, and thank you once again for lifting my spirits, sending you all hugs, xxx

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Hi fairy 56, Glad you're feeling better and so sorry that you feel down sometimes. You gave me a great lift with your tales about what they you and your granddaughter got up to in the summer holidays. (soon be half term!) and the visit to the hairdressers...well...those mirrors are terrible at the best of times! Remember the beautiful soul you are deep down inside and how you will have made lots of us happy with your lovely stories. Always look forward to hearing them! Keep well and keep smiling and waving, we're hear to listen😊👍👋🙋🙌😊x


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