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Hello, first time ever on a web site like this. I have had limited scleraderma symptoms since the 80's, with raynaulds first symptom, dry eyes for years as well, petechia on fingers, lips, face. Official scleraderma Dx In 2010,

And sjogrens...along w fatigue that when it hits- I am exhausted!

Raynaulds- vasoconstrict to hands, feet, lips, sometimes nose

Some problems now- increasing GI symptoms- have had gerd, ulcer in past, I get cold, and vasoconstrict symptoms of hands when eat anything - for several years, unable to swallow food without fluid- which seems to be worse lately- have to drink a lot w eat- if no drink

I can not eat.

Stay full long time, lower belly pains periodic,

With sporadic incontince...😩No weight loss

My dry eyes have been worse -higher steroid drops from Opthalmalogist and now going thru Cataract Surgery due to steroid induced.

Dr's have thought possible back- as 2016 I had spinal fusion w instrumentation in lower back - still muscleskeltal problems..

have treated pelvic prolapse...Jan 2018 surgery pelvic reconstruction

Upper abdomen problems too- lots heartburn even w meds

Just saw my scleraderma- rheumatoid doc and he thinks could be my scleraderma

Wants me to follow...have a local GI now for initial- having EGD next week/ will see GI special at university hospital in July...

So o - very much to ponder...and worries- could it be scleraderma and if so...what options to help....

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Been thru multiple Gi testing, EGD says Barrett’s with No for dyspagia, chronic esophagitis, chronic gastritis in esophagus stomach and small intestine. Stretching esophagus helped pain in chest. Cough for greater 6 months- going for High resolution CT scan. Taking steroid inhalers

Going ENT follow up, moving slower/ lots leg discomfort, low back and right leg weakness, pain. Not as healthy as would like to be👴 Seeing rheumatoid Scleraderma in 3 weeks,

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