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Hello everybody, I hope where you are, you have the same warm sunny weather I have here. I ventured out to my garden and did some weeding, rested a while, mowed my back lawn, rested a while, mowed my front lawn, rested a while. I was determined to be outside and do something in the garden, the only problem is shortage of breathe and a painful back!! etc! But hey the sun is shining! its warm! double bonus, oh and the fresh air. It kinda took my mind off the niggling little things my body has been experiencing, oh the joys of Ssc and its brother Ray nauds. Hoping you are all coping well, Smile and wave folks, smile and wave. xx

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Good for you.

Hi, yes, yesterday was gorgeous here in Surrey, England.

I also took advantage of the glorious sunshine, and spent the day power washing one of our patios. lol me you, I rested at regular intervals, and took a long, hot shower afterwards.

Today, my hands ache and feel stiff from holding the jet in the same position for hours, and my knees hurt from being splattered with cold water all day, but I feel great that I achieved something with my day.

I’m finding the combination of high dosage Ibuprofen, Codeine phosphate, and a BuTrans patch my gp recently prescribed really helpful in managing my pain level. As much as I hate relying on medication it seems it is a case of ‘better living through drugs’.

Looking forward to a week forecast to be full of warm, sunny days!

Stay well!


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