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Hello everyone,I just became a member as I was reading the posts from those like me who suffer from finger cut and ulcers.I use to think mine was caused by me working in the natural gas production field where I was exposed to various by products /liquids that come from the natural gas well and tend to make the way into the surface equipment.Well ,I had to go on SSDI a year ago and find I am getting them even more than I did then!I dont know why but wanted to share that Ive learned to put neosporin antibiotic cream on the big cuts then wrap a bandaid etc. around it as this works quiet well if you can keep it up for like 3 days.On the first sign though if you can put a bit of the antibio. cream and then brush on that cut protecter stuff that looks like clear fingernail polish.This gives it extr protection before it gets bigger..Now,for the why's????I a, seriously thinking its related to over use of anti bacterial type of soaps and hand lotions we put in our cars and use after we shop.Also its so easy to spry one ofthosd cleaners onto your hands when washing them which they have a tendency to dry out your derma layer of skin where your oils rdside this keeping the essential body oils from doing their job..America has gotten over board at times myself included ,with terilizing our hand and digits.I have started putting a layer of the anti biotic then coating with vaseline on topand sleeping with those plastic throw away surgery glovesYou will be suprised..Hope this helps GOOD LUCK ALL ;-) Southgaz...


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Hia southgas hope your well my two thumbs get really itchy I end up pulling the skin of they get really sore ź so wen I put cream on and plasters on this helps me not to rip skin off but soon as the plaster comes off I start again few years ago I used to do it to my fingers as well the cream I get is for exma I don't think I spelt that rite the cream never works I've not had ulcers yet xx

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