Alovera works for slits on finger tips

Yes iv been getting small red dots on finger tips that r painful then they split like a hack it takes forever for them to go away so so sore ..ive been putting alovera gel right into them it stings a bit but they dont get too big nor do they last as long as when i try other creams something in the alovera plant heals them quicker just thgt id share incase theres someone with the same problem....isnt it gteat the weather is a wee bit warmer iv wore less clothes today and yesterday hope everyones ok xx

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  • Thank you for the Alovera.

  • Just ordered some as I have a slit on my thumb that won't heal and it has been there since February:(

    Thank you

  • Oh dear thats a long old time to have one.Mine can last up to 6 wks.With the alovera if u keep applying it even b4 it splits (i can tell now when im about to get one a little red dot appears and its very tender) so i rub it on from as soon as i notice one,ive one at the min the size of two pin heads i am rubbibg it in constantly and it hasn got a chance to get any bigger lets c how long it lasts i got it on sat so thats 4days ago hope it helps u but u really need to apply it every hr :-)

  • Does the juice from the alovera plant also work?

  • I dont really know I would imagine it would be better as it would be the pure thing try it and let us know im sure it would alovera is used for lots of skin irritations ....

  • Thanks will try it when I next need it

  • I know crushing an Aloe Vera leaf & rubbing the juice onto spots & coldsores works speeding up healing but have never thought to try it on other ailments to date. Shall now give it a go & see ;)

  • Ive not tried that before ! thanks for sharing :)

  • helo again just a wee note.. my hack on my finger has closed over stil a bit tender and sore but it never got any bigger nor turned into big wide hack so yes alovera gel has speeded up the healing process its not away yet but thats only 5days ive had it and its nearly away :-)

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