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visit to foot care assistant!

Hello everybody, it was that time again, to sit in a chair and have someone with metal instruments pick at my toenails, oh what joy ha ha. As I sat there it reminded me of going to the dentist, where a different person with metal instruments pick at my teeth, that joy comes in 2 weeks! and what fun that is, with my mouth getting ever smaller, being told my teeth are in very good condition, its just my gums shrinking as well! You know what, why cant my boobs shrink? now that would be real joy ha ha. Im like alot of you out there, I have dark and light spots on my arms, and Im sure if I could see my back there are bound to be the same spots there too. Another thing Ive noticed I cant whistle anymore, and if I say so myself I was a pretty good whistler, dam, another thing to blame Ssc for, you never know when you will need to whistle a tune. Anyway, whilst I can, I will smile and wave folks, smile and wave.

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