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Winter work clothes for the office

Hello, I have limited systemic sclerosis and suffer quite badly with Raynaud's phenomenon. I usually work from home but will be going into head office for a week-long project at the end of January, and am looking to put some outfits together that look professional and keep me warm. I also have small, very wide feet (think duck) and am hopeless with heels, strappy shoes or anything pointy/shaped at the toe :( Does anyone have any experience with this office dress issue and could maybe offer a few tips? Most shops/style websites seem to show bare feet/ankles with work trousers and that is not going to work for me. Socks seem universally scorned unless you happen to be male...

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I wear flat knee boots (with huge socks) :)


Me too!

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I wear hamble oak shoes from Clarks and wear socks. I get trousers with pockets from Marks and Spencer. I then layer tops with cardigans. Good luck

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I wear socks with flat lace-ups and nobody's said anything about it being inappropriate. Alternatively, thick tights with flats. (On really cold days I've worn tights and socks.)

My problem is if I'm trying to type and the office is cold. it's not so easy wearing gloves.


Heater under desk. For dressy office Tall boots w Tights and socks. They can’t see the socks. socks. suit w underlayers meant for cold weather (can’t tell if fitting looks like professional

Clothes). Dress up w jewelry and a pashminas scarf over all of it w nice pin. If more casual do tall

Boots w socks with either bootcut dress pants over them or leggings in them. Layers of long sleeve shirts blazers sweaters and scarves. Gloved as needed. Nitro paste has helped tremendously


Hotter shoes hotter.com do a really good fashionable range, including for wide feet and sensible heels/flats , & ankle or full length boots - I live by them when I'm not in my farm boots! Don't forget you can wear the silver lined socks easily as they are so thin - see SRUK shop on their website, they also have thermal leggings which you could wear with boots and a skirt or dress.

Layers for top half, including a variety of big scarves, they are so cheap and fashionable, but can really help keep you warm. Also wrist warmers as they will help keep your hands warm, the silver lined gloves are also great as they are not bulky so you can easily slip them in a pocket or handbag for emergencies if you feel your hands starting to 'go'.

Make sure you have something hot to eat/drink to keep your core temp up - cupasoups can work wonders if there is no canteen. Finally make sure you keep warm on your journey so you arrive with warm hands and feet so a proper outdoor coat, gloves, scarf and hat. Enjoy your stint at head office!


I have Raynaud's and I agree that layering and scarves and wrist-warmers are great.

I wear Skechers shoes or ankle boots all year round. They are incredibly light (with memory foam) and come in a wide range of styles and sizes and some fabulous colours, too. I buy a size bigger than my actual shoe size, so that I can wear warm socks and have them nattily "slouched" at the ankle with the boots. and I wear them with trousers or dresses.

I have discovered "touch-screen" gloves that work ok for typing, too on bad days.

Good luck and have fun in Head Office with the big project.


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