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Treatment for calcinosis

Hello all, just wondering if anyone is on any specific treatment for their calcinosis. I have quite extensive calcinosis in my hands (and a big blob in my left elbow) and it has been pretty productive and inflamed lately. I have had to have surgery in the past but am keen to avoid this whenever possible. I am aware of some medications and treatments that have been used anecdotally, but not fully trialled and I wondered if anyone else had had any positive experiences with any interventions.

All my best

Lucy x

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Funnily enough I have a big ones on my left elbow too. I have had one removed and I understand there is an antibiotic that can be given. The GP upped my diltiazem which is a calcium uptake drug to see if that helped. Inconclusive I would say. Good luck. Let me know how you get on.


Thanks Liz, I think the antibiotic is Minocycline. My Consultant is looking into whether she thinks this might be a sensible move. Interesting to know about the diltiazem.

Ta Lx


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