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cold extremities, body overheating


Hi, this is my first post. I was diagnosed with limited scleroderma last month, main symptoms have been raynauds and difficulty swallowing. this week I have been struggling to keep my core from overheating and I don't seem to sweat even when i feel roasting hot. Hands are still cold.Does anyone else have this? The room is not hot or cold according to the rest of the family. I'm not taking any medications.

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Hi quebec

Have you seen a scleroderma specialist yet? They quite often prescrbe medication which can help slow the progression of scleroderma and also to deal with various symptoms. If in UK then the Royal Free I think is the place to go. But Im guessing from your name you might not be in the UK?

There are certainly medications that can help with raynaud's which canimprove circulation to hands.

best wishes

Hi yes absolutely! I have Scleroderma and no meds at the moment and temperature management is one of my biggest issues. I'm sat here on the train at the moment and my fingers are freezing and white/bloodless and my toes feel very cold yet my bodies overheating! I do sweat though. My hands can still sweat too even when they're cold and my body is hot though which is frustrating as it just compounds the issue! I think temperature management is classic Scleroderma I'm afraid :(

Hi Quebec

I too have all the above and like you my body overheats and I don't seem to have any control over when or where it happens and my hand and feet are cold too. I blood pressure dropped dangerously low to the point of me collapsing at my doctors and they tested my cortisol levels only to find that they were very low. So they tested my adrenal gland which sits on the top of your kidney and this gland controls blood pressures. So it may be worth suggesting that they test your cortisol levels if not only to rule it out.

All the best


Hi Quebec, I've got Raynaud's and Scleroderma I sweat lots got my heating on n off all the time burning feet am just taking herbal pills

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