Change of weather

Hi everybody, just as I am getting used to the warmer weather and having near normal hands, it turns cold and my purple hands are back!! This afternoon I sat on my sofa with my hands under my armpits. I have got the posters about world scleroderma day and will be putting them up at my gp surgery we have to spread the word so more people are aware of this very complicated condition including the medical profession. I sometimes try to forget that I have this condition but thats difficult at times because I live on my own, as some of you know, and when I have a down moment due to my depression, I get frightened of what the future may hold, I dont think my family fully understands how I feel most of the time. Anyway tomorrow is another day and I will sign off, SMILE AND WAVE FOLKS, SMILE AND WAVE.

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  • You are not alone with the sudden weather change being tricky - gosh it feels like mid November it feels so so so so cold ! We had no heating on at work either because it's 'summer'. Wish it was an actual thing to call into work and say I'm not coming as it's a duvet day 😂 Joking aside it's been a tricky one hasn't it and I bet there are loads and loads of people on here struggling too - it's ok your not alone.

  • My work got me a little heater under my desk - worth asking for and it's there all year :)

  • I'm not happy that I have to sit wrapped in a blanket this morning and wear gloves when I go out again.

  • Hi fairy 56 sending lots of waves, smiles and hugs and praying it warms up again soon for us all x

  • Hi fairy56, I think even "normal" people have been digging out the winter woolies again the last couple of days. Keep smiling!

  • Yes it was back to long johns and central heating, but better today maybe!