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Hi everybody, I had another lung function test today, and on this coming Sunday a high resolution chest CT scan, oh and on Tuesday a MRI scan, the results from the MRI scan will also be used for research purposes. I have recently been prescribed a saliva solution and eye drops for my very irritated eyes. Do any of you ever feel like a walking pharmacist? I have a split finger near my nail very painful. Infact hands are getting worse, with the dry skin and knobbly joints!!! I went to the podiatrist yesterday to have my nails trimmed and it was suggested that I consider having nail surgery on both my big toes due to the nails ingrowing, so I shall give that some thought. Oh update on my cycling second ride out went very well, I had to use the power but only mode 1,and was out for 1 hour, hoping to go out again next week. Trying to stay positive, proving to be a little difficult because I decided to come off my anti-depressants 6 weeks ago. Well as I have said before "Smile and wave" Smile and wave"

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  • Please can you tell me the name of the saliva solution and eye drops that you use . I am having problems with my eyes 👀 stinging and irritating 😠 also dry mouth Syndrome. I'm awaiting to see another doctor about my eyes has the one I have already seen does not know what the problem is 😒 , I have suffered with dry mouth for 2years and the doctor gave me a gell to use but it was full of sugar and I have lots of problems with my teeth so I'm always at my dentist ( fillings mainly ) I sip water regularly so it helps a bit .

    Good on you for coming off your anti depressants Stay strong and keep positive.

    Keep smiling x

  • hi banker123, thanks for your reply. The synthetic saliva is Glandosane in lemon flavour, and the eye drops are Xailin Fresh 0.5% Eye drops 0.4ml unit dose, I hope this helps.

  • Thank you 😊 x

  • I had my toes done, it was painful but as a result it is easier to walk. That is a plus. You seem to be well looked after. Best wishes.

  • Not drowning ...just waving.....[that was a play a few years back]...afraid that the lung function tests will be ongoing- as far as myself is concerned I have been having regular tests for over a year now....and MRI and Cat thing for me is the endoscopy next second...due to food 'sticking' on the way down to my stomach...its all good! No anti depressants as I hate having to take any medication in the first place so am only taking what I need to to stay alive....:)...dealing with depression in my house is easy...I look after my husband who is infirm so no time to think on things that get me down...but I do know what the black depths of depression are....have had it in the past before the Ssc. but managed to claw my way back out of it without the recommended prescription from my doc. Don't know how I did it though so don't ask! Guess the puking up and endless coughing from the lung disease and then the blackened fingers from the Raynauds helped out a lot! Too busy with all that going on to let the depression get to me too much! :) .....a quick question here for you and anyone else reading this........anyone got problems with your nails splitting vertically down past the quick? This is very annoying as they keep catching on anything and splitting further down heading for the base of the nail......painful too! [just a query]...anyhoo.....keep being positive and fill your time with meaningful thoughts and deeds.....take up a hobby ....I am doing craftwork in my odd moments ...and going to boot sales....what fun to freeze your bits off and get rid of stuff you don't want or need anymore....freeing up space to fill with other stuff you probably will never use or need anymore :) of luck going forward...and better health! x

  • Hi marylynmcl, thanks for your reply, yes Ive been having lung function tests for 3yrs plus the ecgs and ct scans, and I know they are for the greater good. Its a constant reminder of what our bodies are failing to do! But I know I am being well looked after. As for the depression, its another battle I fight on my own, the only support are friends and the Samaritans, but there are still times when the depression, the scleroderma and the raynauds are overwhelming.

  • Keep on keeping on fairy! One foot in front of the other etc.....its all we can do! depression is a bitch. x

  • Hello petal, i had an oesaphageal dilation done bout 4wks ago because of food sticking. I must say it was a great result and i enjoyed my first steak a few days later, something i havent been able to eat in a long long time! Good luck with all ur tests and results, chin up n motor on!! Xx

  • Hi Sharon, thanks for your reply, and long may you continue to enjoy your steaks!

  • Keep smiling. At least you know you are getting to see the right people. Last week I had appointment with rheumatologist. I had heart tested and blood. Week before oncologist, but thankfully that condition is under control with medication so I can have telephone consultatio. Tomorrow dentist, Friday lung function test. Next month pre op appointment for forthcoming ft transfer to my foot anf face. The list goes on. It is so time consuming but I am managing to keep working part time. I try to keep myself fit with yoga and pilates at the gym. I went out on my bike yesterday but had to come home as it was too and it was affecting my fingers despite wearing gloves.

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