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Coping methods - Reynaud's and Erythromelalgia?

I've had Reynaud's as long as I can remember, since a young girl.

Last year I started getting incredible burning, itching, pain with red swelling in my feet whenever they were exposed to warmth. I'd never really liked wearing shoes, but it got downright painful. No blankets over my feet. No socks (have found with the below freezing temps we've got at the moment, thin cotton only socks work for a few hours in the morning, as the day wears on), it's thin strapped thongs/flip flops only. Doctors have diagnosed me with Erythromelalgia.

But I still have the Reynaud's, and often the rebound flare from a Reynaud's 'period' is more severe than any other flare. I have gotten chilblains this year, as well (never had them before this year). I have been prescribed Felodipine, which does help with the Reynaud's a bit, and has stopped more chilblains developing, but has made the flares with the EM worse often.

I was prompted to ask from the 'nailcare' article, as I have the ridges often in my nails, not deep but definitely there.

But - does anyone have any ideas on how to cope better? Or help care for my nails/skin better?

Thank you in advance!

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Last time I had ridges on fingernails like the one described was due to very low Iron levels - might be worth checking out?

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All vitamin/mineral, etc levels have been spot on normal. As have thyruod, etc levels. At this stage the only bloods I know that have come back not bang on normal have been my ANA levels. Homozygous are 1:2560, speckled 1:640

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I also have both of the extremes, but doesn't sound as severe as yours. Things that have helped me - Arnica spray. I spray it on the inflamed areas and it seems to calm it some. Also you can try a cream with lidocaine. I had to get a prescription but I'm in the US so not sure how it is everywhere else. It helps some. The best for me though is a gel cold pack. I bought it on amazon - but I need it for my face and neck more than feet.

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