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Typing and Reynaud's

I've just found out that I've got Reynaud's, so this is all new to me. I've read that white finger can come from using vibrating tools, but what about from typing?

After typing for eight hours a day for the past decade, I'm wondering if that's what's caused it. Does anyone else have a similar experience? If so, is there anything that can be done to improve things? I can't stop typing because that's how I earn my living. Maybe I should be looking at voice-recognition software. Any tips?

Thanks for your help.

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I invested in some silver fingerless gloves (available from the Raynaud's Association) which really help and enable me to keep doing my job as a medical secretary.


Have you had all the tests to diagnose Raynaud's? Have you seen a rheumatologist? As far as I know vibrating white fingers is quite different to Raynaud's if you really have Raynaud's.


Thanks Zenabb.

No, is the answer. I've just been reading around, and most sites seem to say that the two are varieties of the same thing: hands get cold, blood drains away, loss of sensation.

I do have a doctor's appointment coming up.


I dont think typing causes Raynauds - I tried voice recognition but found it quite useless - If you do have Raynauds then you will most probably be offered Nifedipine to help with the circulation but they do have side effects... I can barely type now because of the tenderness on the tips of my fingers and have to be careful when I get Ulcers. I was retired on Ill health grounds as I also have Scleroderma


I recently started a new job as a PA (although have done admin for 16 years) and use the computer all the time, I also have Raynauds. I don't think typing worsens Raynauds. I do get cold hands but I work in a cold office although managed to aquire a heater that sits behind me and have been found sitting with my hands above the heater a few times this week as I've been so cold. I actually find writing is harder for me, I lose feeling in my fingers if I use a narrow pen but found some cushioned grippers that make pens more chunky and help when writing. I find myself drinking a lot of hot drinks at work just to heat up my hands, I might look into the silver fingerless gloves as they might be quite helpful. Definitely speak to your doctor about your symptoms, there are various things they can try but nifedipine is usually the first one they try. I hope you manage to find ways to keep warm this winter! x


No, typing doesnt cause it, but typing will be difficult if your hands are cold. Useful equipment - wrist warmers; heated mouse for the computer, heated wrist support for computer (get the details of where to get these, from the RSA) . You should be able to get funded for the equipment and a trial of voice recognition software too. I recommend the software - even though it isnt perfect it does a reasonable job and its quicker to correct it than to type it in the first place, and you can warm your hands up on the s=wrist support while you are dictating!


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