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Hello everybody, isn"t this weather great, the raynauds seems to like it too. I'm slapping on the SPF50, getting as much sun as I can, although if I stay out too long I tend to get really hot and bothered, at least the fingers aren"t purple! That happens when I go into the shade or back indoors! The downside to this hot weather is my ankles and feet swell up like balloons!!! The humid nights have affected my already lack of sleep (I normally can only sleep 4hrs at a time) By the way do any of you suffer with hot flushes day and night? this is before the hot weather, its an ongoing problem I have, ( I have already been through the menopause) I shall wish you all well, and as usual I will sign off with SMILE AND WAVE FOLKS, SMILE AND WAVE.

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Yes, I always have the flushes, mainly at night, and the broken sleep that goes with them. Love the weather- except my hands only are swelling up when I am outside, they are better when I am inside with my mittens on!


Enjoy yourself but take care. I have past the menopause.


Yes! The sun feels so good on my hands.

Yes--was done with menopause flashes, and then with the sclerosis have kind of lost some thermoregulation. Can go from too cold to too hot pretty quickly!

I overheat at night and have found something that works great for me--a very lightweight down throw.

It is maybe 4 by 6 feet. I have one from Eddie Bauer (found it on Amazon) and it totally works with me to keep me just right--never too hot or too cold. I suppose a full size light weight down blanket would work, too, but I am pretty short and this works just fine for me.

I am so attached to it now that I take it with me on all trips. I feel like a little kid with a "blankie" but it works!

The lower leg swelling--that was among my first symptoms (along with the GERD and the dyspnea and the RP). I could stick my finger in and leave a dent half an inch deep. Much better now with furosemide and exercise.

Enjoy the sun, Fairy56!! From Boise, Idaho!


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