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Hello everybody, I decided it was time to have my first cycle ride on my electric bike!!! so with granddaughter number 2 on her bike of we went. I thought I would see how an electric bike works, so people visualise the scene. I got on the bike and pedalled, with the encouragement or should I say pleading of said granddaughter I turned on the power!!! Set the mode to the first level and wow of I went with considerable ease, said granddaughter was impressed, so now suggested I should try (just as an experiment) level 2, all I can say is she was easily left behind and found it rather amusing. So now she wanted to see what level 3 could do, have any of you experienced being shot out of a canon!!!!!!? All I can say is granddaughter was left behind and all I could hear was laughter and her shouting " nana wait for me," in the ever increasing distance between me and her. When I eventually stopped whooping and laughing I decided I ought to knock the level back down to level 1, at which time my granddaughter caught up with me, and said the immortal words, " nana, your hair is sticking up," yes you guessed I looked like I had been in a wind tunnel! So if any of you are doubting what fun you can have on a bike, go out and buy an electric one, you will laugh all the way, oh and end up with a sore backside ( I really need to get a bigger seat) but most of all I can go on bike rides again, whether it be with my incredulous granddaughter or by myself, but if you happen to see a 60yr old woman passing you by at incredible speed, laughing at the top of her voice, unfortunately you may have difficulty catching up with me!!

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Haha sounds like amazing fun. I'm glad you've found something you can do to add inclusion into your life.

I may need to invest in one of these electric bikes myself 👍

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What a lovely story, I can picture you now.



Hahaha!!!! I love that tale. Thanks for brightening my day. Keep cycling! :)


How fantastic, such a lovely feeling I'm sure. I'm going to have a look at them as i used to love bike riding . Lost me balance somehow as can't even swim now , but just have a big float. Hope you have endless hours of fun on your bike x


Fantastic. Enjoy the ride. I am sure this positivity is what we need. I haven't cycled for a long time and currently trying to learn swimming as the first goal.


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