Personal Independence Payments

Hi i have recently had my assessment to change over to pip, i had enhanced on both on the Dla, now i have been turned down for pip and again at the reconsideration, i sent in added medical letters from my gp stating my medical state,letters from my pain clinic stating i have severe pain and history of falls and i got rejected again, here is a list of my conditions, scleroderma, morphea, paniculitis, pasini & perini, en coupdesabre facial, reflux oseophagitis, high blood pressure, osteoparosis both hands, raynauds, bilatteral carpel tunnell ( sleep in splints) dypertrans contractures, arthritis left wrist, levido reticularis, Atrophic rings around arms and leggs, vertigo, sciatica, chroniic back pain, pcos, bakers cysts inside both knees, cyst on my pineal gland (middle of the brain ) vertigo, depression, vitiligo, fibromalgia think i got it all covered, and i get refused i am going to appeal, i have requested a phone call from the decision maker but they never phoned to say i had been refused pip, which i believe they should do, i hurt from head to toe everyday, the health care women who assesed me was very misleading, like "you have no trouble bathing" i said i cant get in and out of the bath so no points and it went on from here, she never asked did i make budget decisions but she said i could do this, in my decision it says i can, but i pointed out in my reconsideration info that i pay no bills council tax, mortgage, gas, electric, water my partner pays these, i feel absolutely let down by the system, my depression is getting worse and i really feel like i`ve had enough of it all many thanks Ali Braithwaite

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  • Disability-on-line may be able to help (whayne-03333 44 88 20) will help with appeal and medical question are good luck. :)

  • Do you have a counsellor? It would be a great help.

  • Hi zenabb

    no i don`t have a counselor, do you know where i could find one,

    Thanx alison ..

  • Contact fight4justice it's on Facebook they have a really high success rate even when uve been turned down

    Good luck let us know how u get on x

  • Hi Margo274,

    Hi there thank you ever so much for your helpful reply, i will get in touch with them and let you know how i get on, thanx alison ,,

  • Hi alibaba99,

    The above page is under fightback on Facebook

    Hope u got on ok

  • I have been diagnosed with scleroderma about 6 months ago after seeing the rheumatologist for near 10 years for the last 5 years I have been diagnosed with a different illness every time I went raynauds then sjoigen then fibromyalgia , I have started methotrexate 6 tablets once a week is anyone else take these

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