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Hi I have had scleroderma and raynauds for some years now and would like to know if anyone suffers from large itchy lumps on their head and face, the lumps are huge like insect bites I have had this problem a long while and is so bad now it's driving me insane. I don't know if related but these lumps come at the same time as very bad hot flushes. When they have gone my face and scalp are left very dry and flakey . Any info please. Lindy x

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  • Lindy, It definitely sounds like you need professional medical attention. Even if anyone else replies that they have experienced it, you still need individual observation. I would think that you Primary Care Physician and Rheumatologist are the best Medical Contacts to have appts. with if you haven't already. If you have, what did they say? I would also visit a Naturalistic and/or Homeopathic Practicioner to see what natural remedies can assist your conditions. I'm in touch with each of the contacts I've mentioned trying to get over pop-up obstacles, which autoimmune conditions present from time to time. Our goals should also include being as stress free as possible. I also practical peaceful meditations almost daily; calming the body helps with healing. You are in my prayers, Lindy and I wish you the very best on your mission to conquer and be relieved of the itchy lumps and any other discomforts. Very Kindly, Thelma

  • Oh my I get this I have no idea what it is they are in my hair and mainly on my neck and jaw line. They take ages to go. I also get the hot flushes

  • Hi sami have you ever spoken to anyone about this ? It is now driving me so so mad i have become irratable and short tempered. Lindy

  • No I didn't know it was linked. Mine have left soft of pigment scars on my neck. The ones in my hair are so sore but I can't stop scratching them

  • Thanks Sami for your reply . I am off to the royal free tomorrow and will ask prof Denton if he knows if it's related to scleroderma or fantasies. I will let you know. Lindy

  • I get these to I thought they might be related to everything I will be interested to find out what professor Denton has to say

  • Professor Denton advised me to take citririzine to stop the itching and if it dosnt stop the itching to get my go to refer me to a dermatologist. Lindy

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