Lesions in nose?

Hi! I have Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis--about 5 years now.

Just curious--does anyone else have the issue of little lesions on mucosa inside nose? Around the time I was diagnosed, I developed a spot and if I don't remember to use some petroleum jelly on a Q-Tip on it at night, it will bleed and scab. It is on the septum surface. Not a big deal; I am just curious if anyone else has had it. Thanks!

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  • I do. I also use petroleum jelly to ease it. I am not sure what else I might use.

  • I have used A&D ointment with good success. I am in USA. I am fine as long as I keep using something every night. Then it is fine, so I forget about it, and then it comes back. Huh, kind of like gaining weight if I forget to eat right and exercise! Ha ha! Thank you for your response!

  • A&D ointment? What is that? We are currently living in U.K., so don't sure if I can get something similar here.

  • It is Lanolin 15.5% and Petrolatum 53.4%.

    Ironically, I have used it for 30 years on babies' butts and on my incontinent hospice patients to prevent skin breakdown.

    It is available here in baby aisles. I checked AmazonUK and it looks like it is on there! If you get it, go for the ointment and not the cream.

    I accidentally bought a tube of the cream and the first ingredient was some kind of alcohol which did not sound good for a raw lesion.

  • Thank you! I will give it a try. I appreciate your help. M

  • I had it. Used petroleum jelly and it went away. It's been about a year now.

  • It is great to hear that yours went away! Gives me hope. Thank you for your response.

  • Hi there..Yes i have it at the min an it really is the most annoying thing so glad u posted this as i though i was the only one!!! i have used everything on it even got nasal antibiotic cream from doctor to use for 10 days it cleared up but comes back.in the morinings like a hard scab an feel uncomfortable so i blow my noes an it comes away only to bleed and harden over again i have tried the babies nappy rash cream called bepanthem it helped a bitbut sometimes creams block the pores inside then this causes a spot which is just as sore!!! mayb someone else can advice the both of us as i have had this long term and never seems to go away!!!

  • The other thing I used that worked well was A & D ointment (not cream). It contains lanolin. Don't know if it is in UK? I ran out and started using Vaseline but I think the A&D was a little better.

    I am so happy to be able to talk to other people with this. My general doctor had not heard of it but I saw it in an article once and felt better knowing I was not crazy. About that, anyway! Ha ha!

  • I just had this for the first time a few weeks ago. Thanks for posting the question. The replies are helpful.

  • Thank you for replying! It is one of those "little" things that for me helps to know what others do for it.

  • I have too and its been well over a year. i find it blocks my nasal passage or feels as if it does, I will try the vasaline trick.

  • Good luck! If I stay on top of putting ointment in every night after I wash my face, it stays pretty minimal. But if I don't, it must ooze a little bit of blood because there is a constant scab in there.

  • Hey guys.. I tried alovera for two nights and it really helped ease it and reduce the redness of the outside of my nostril defo worth a try gona put some on tonight again, pure alovera of any type I also rubbed it all over my face and skin so soft ...

  • Cool! I know aloe is ok for topical and superficial scratches or small burns; I read one article awhile back that showed it delayed healing in larger wounds. So I am guessing is not harmful for a tiny nasal superficial open place. Let us know if it keeps working for you!

  • Yes- have the same thing too....I was just attributing it to my generally dry skin... I don't get much of the bleeding though and I rarely remember to put Vaseline

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