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Lesions in nose?


Hi! I have Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis--about 5 years now.

Just curious--does anyone else have the issue of little lesions on mucosa inside nose? Around the time I was diagnosed, I developed a spot and if I don't remember to use some petroleum jelly on a Q-Tip on it at night, it will bleed and scab. It is on the septum surface. Not a big deal; I am just curious if anyone else has had it. Thanks!

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I do. I also use petroleum jelly to ease it. I am not sure what else I might use.

pallinurse in reply to MDulle

I have used A&D ointment with good success. I am in USA. I am fine as long as I keep using something every night. Then it is fine, so I forget about it, and then it comes back. Huh, kind of like gaining weight if I forget to eat right and exercise! Ha ha! Thank you for your response!

MDulle in reply to pallinurse

A&D ointment? What is that? We are currently living in U.K., so don't sure if I can get something similar here.

pallinurse in reply to MDulle

It is Lanolin 15.5% and Petrolatum 53.4%.

Ironically, I have used it for 30 years on babies' butts and on my incontinent hospice patients to prevent skin breakdown.

It is available here in baby aisles. I checked AmazonUK and it looks like it is on there! If you get it, go for the ointment and not the cream.

I accidentally bought a tube of the cream and the first ingredient was some kind of alcohol which did not sound good for a raw lesion.

MDulle in reply to pallinurse

Thank you! I will give it a try. I appreciate your help. M

I had it. Used petroleum jelly and it went away. It's been about a year now.

pallinurse in reply to Annie99

It is great to hear that yours went away! Gives me hope. Thank you for your response.

Hi there..Yes i have it at the min an it really is the most annoying thing so glad u posted this as i though i was the only one!!! i have used everything on it even got nasal antibiotic cream from doctor to use for 10 days it cleared up but comes back.in the morinings like a hard scab an feel uncomfortable so i blow my noes an it comes away only to bleed and harden over again i have tried the babies nappy rash cream called bepanthem it helped a bitbut sometimes creams block the pores inside then this causes a spot which is just as sore!!! mayb someone else can advice the both of us as i have had this long term and never seems to go away!!!

The other thing I used that worked well was A & D ointment (not cream). It contains lanolin. Don't know if it is in UK? I ran out and started using Vaseline but I think the A&D was a little better.

I am so happy to be able to talk to other people with this. My general doctor had not heard of it but I saw it in an article once and felt better knowing I was not crazy. About that, anyway! Ha ha!

I just had this for the first time a few weeks ago. Thanks for posting the question. The replies are helpful.

pallinurse in reply to psichel

Thank you for replying! It is one of those "little" things that for me helps to know what others do for it.

I have too and its been well over a year. i find it blocks my nasal passage or feels as if it does, I will try the vasaline trick.

Good luck! If I stay on top of putting ointment in every night after I wash my face, it stays pretty minimal. But if I don't, it must ooze a little bit of blood because there is a constant scab in there.

Hey guys.. I tried alovera for two nights and it really helped ease it and reduce the redness of the outside of my nostril defo worth a try gona put some on tonight again, pure alovera of any type I also rubbed it all over my face and skin so soft ...

Cool! I know aloe is ok for topical and superficial scratches or small burns; I read one article awhile back that showed it delayed healing in larger wounds. So I am guessing is not harmful for a tiny nasal superficial open place. Let us know if it keeps working for you!

Yes- have the same thing too....I was just attributing it to my generally dry skin... I don't get much of the bleeding though and I rarely remember to put Vaseline

Yes I to suffer from the dry Ness in inside my nose. I have antibiotic ointment and use vaseline as well. Mostly it is dry and uncomfortable in the evening, and from time to time it bleeds a little. Yes good to share as then don't feel so alone

Yes--it makes me feel kind of normalized or validated. Because this is such an uncommon immune system condition, most physicians have not cared for many--if any!--one with LSSc. As a nurse I had a sense of abandonment by health care providers. I spent 33 years giving my patients anticipatory guidance and expert symptom management, and there was no one to do the same for me. Being able to talk about it with others who "get it" is very helpful!

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