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Back spasm

Needed to call an ambulance as my back when into spasm, all connected to constipation.

Given gas and air in ambulance and oral morphine,

Full examination on arrival, faecal impaction and suppository was given.

Discharged and told to see my GP.

Has anyone else experienced this, I excerise as much as I can manage and changed my diet.

It's just another ongoing problem and becoming overwhelming.

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Hi , i have had back spasms in the past that dislocated 2 ribs , not connected to constipation though . Maybe some of your meds could be a factor ? It is important to see your gp to get it under control. As for the back spasms acupuncture was of great help . I hope you feel better soon , best wishes 🌸

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hi, last year o also was rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Severe pain on the right side of my chest and struggled to breath. Gas and air, pain relief and a chest xray, reveled nnothing. My doctor told me it was a chest cavity wall infection. The pain was agony and the spasm did not ease for 14 days, it was awful !


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