In a nut shell

Well three weeks to see my GP, who is a very nice man. Told him in a nut shell as you can only discuss one problem now.

I said, well in a nut shell, exhausted, constipated, can't sleep, urinating 6/7 times a night, emotional, depressed, bloating, wind, itchy rash on my arm, legs and back don't want to work, can't straighten up some days for a couple of hours.

He said to take Lansoprazole 30mg twice daily, I told him I don't eat or drink after 6pm as he suggested at my last appointment. Raised up bedhead as well.

Also prescribed Laxido for constipation but this could be an IBS flare, Mirabegron 50mg for overactive bladder.

He asked me about joint pain and I said that just an everyday thing now, some days are worse than others and I just need to keep moving. I reminded him that he said not to take Celebrex due to some of my other coniditions.

Raynaud's I told him that I wear layers of loose clothing and don't attend meetings unless I absolutely have been requested to, my stress management plan.

He said if things don't ease off then he will request an appointment for gastro investigations.

I said if things don't ease off, he might as well just shoot me, he said it's not allowed jokingly, however I said I'm at the end of my tether, all that in a less than 10 minute appointment.

Anyone else having these symptoms and just wondering what's it all about, why keep going and pushing myself daily.

Didn't tell him about dizzy spells or feeling breathless as that would be another appointment.

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  • what a lovely gp you have,please see him re dizziness and breathlessness as I suffer both of these regularly and recurring and both were dismissed by my gp because "I walked ok in the surgery" and did nothing at all to investigate recurring dizzy spells.

    I suffer disturbed emotional-due to others lack of support re my conditions-do have skin rashes.

    I cant say what its all about but wish you all the best with your next appointment

  • I'm always curious to know why gps only give 10 mins when a patient has a list of problems. I know they do a marvellous job and are pushed and the nhs is buckling, but surely if you're ill, that shouldn't been timed lined into a 10 min appointment. I think with mine, you can make a two 10 mins appointments. I used to write stuff down before going so I didn't forget anything, but now think, I'm not right so want to be fixed. I would certainly go back and see the gp again about the dizziness Are you online for appointment booking etc. I recently discovered it and now makes everything so much easier, from appointment making to repeat prescriptions ordering to seeing all your medical history.

  • My GP is a lovely pleasant man and our services are all under pressure I do almost everything on line and it is so much better than trying to arrange an appointment by phone.

    Today's a better day perhaps because it's Friday and another week of working is nearly finished.

    I have another lung function anytime now, I will tell the consultant about my dizzy spells and breathless.

    Thank you for your replies.

  • I work for GPS and they would love to have longer appointments. Unfortunately the NHS resources aren't sufficient to meet the patient list demand (which in all fairness could be reduced if people home medicated/saw their pharmacist but hey ho, that's another story). You advice re asking for a double appointment is quite right plus going prepared. Use online booking services and for me, I will wait longer to see my GP of choice to ensure continuity of care.

  • Thank you, very helpful.

  • Hi I get most of those symptoms and only just Gon bak to work and ended up in a&e with Wat j think was acid reflux due to gallbladder being removed. A&e told to see gp due to it, given lanzaporole. Nobody seems to offer any help it's a nightmare

  • That's the fix for reflux, works for me anyway.

  • thank you for you reply.

  • Hi

    I think that many complex conditions are not diagnosed because of this 10 minute rule. When I was first sick I had symptoms ranging from bowel problems to inability to open my mouth fully and a whole range of others. I'm a nurse but still didn't connect some of the symptoms. I only mentioned my skin and carpel tunnel symptoms. I had a couple of diagnoses before my condition was eventually recognised by a physio and then confirmed by a rheumatologist. How can GP's properly examine in 10 minutes. In the end it is inefficient for the NHS and dangerous for patients as they are misdiagnosed and mistreated until a proper diagnosis is achieved.

  • I've posted on here quite a few times about diet and how it can help autoimmune disease. My 13 year old son has mixed connective tissue disease which has been helped loads by following the autoimmune paleo diet (about 95% of the time anyway). You can get information about the diet on the internet. If the only thing you do is to cut out gluten it may help loads. GPs don't give this advice out as they don't know about it - there is no evidence!! But you have nothing to lose by trying it. I've been amazed how much better my son is. This time last year he was on 5 different medications. We just stopped the last one a few weeks ago (methotrexate). So far so good!!

  • Thank you, will look it up, will try anything, good news for your son.

  • Hi. It's definitely worth a look. Let me know how you get on. It's a difficult diet to change to. We started by eliminating gluten, then dairy then soya. We saw massive improvements with gluten elimination after just a few weeks. Good luck.

  • Hangs your GP. I was told that I could only discuss one problem in my 10minute appointment and told him I had never been so disgusted by a GP( my longstanding GP had retired) and told him how can a person with multiple conditions discuss issues In only 10mins.. I changed my GP within the practice and have never looked back. You shouldn't have to settle so don't be strong. I have gone through a lot of what you are going through and it helps if you have someone who will listen and not treat you as anoth statistic.

    Best wishes


  • I don't see my gp very often, I have a season ticket at the hospital. When I do I get as long as required, often 10 mins is fine. Mind you my gp always runs late!

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