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thankyou peeps so much for all your replies to my questions some real good advice . and my head still itching like crazy thinking i am going to stop all lotions and potions in my hair as i do have long permed hair down my back i do use styling lotions so maybe this could have something to do with the itchy scalp . and all of us seem to be suffering with mouth probs dont we perhaps soon someone will find a remedy for us .and tiredness at the moment with me is an issue but that could be down to vitamin d tabs off the rheaumy . so at the moment i think keep popping the tabs and see where it goes . and it is so lovely having all you peeps to talk to now thankyou so much .spk soon .

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And another good approach, which I fail on from time to time, but we should be focused on good nutrition and to take our vitamins. I did not practice these 2 excellent practices during the holiday seasons, however, I'm trying to be more mindful and apply, for I know it helps with these type of conditions. Yes, I'm a Scleroderma patient with congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and Raynauds. Cheers and Blessings to all of us becoming healthier and more comfortable.


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