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Medication effect s on Raynaud's


Does anyone know if Amitriptyline (for PHN - after shingles pain ) or Vesicare (for OAB)affects Raynaud's? - i.e. makes it worse, I would be grateful for any replies

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I have secondary Raynauds and was given Amitriptyline after having Shingles (for the 2nd time) and it didn't make any difference to mine but then my Raynuads is quite bad. But it did help with the nerve type pain after the Shingles.

foxglove in reply to Jensue

Thanks, I have had PHN for 10 months now and think the Ami. is helping , not sure about Raynaud's, usually use a herbal product for that but a bit wary as I am on quite a few meds. at the moment. How long did your shingles pain (and itch!!) last?

Jensue in reply to Jensue

I was quite lucky the 2nd time I had shingles because I recognised what it was so went to docs & got antiviral medication for it early - needs to be taken within about 4 - 5 days. Although itchiness cleared within about a week the pain continued for a good number of weeks but gradually subsided, evenso I experienced pain on & off for a good few months or so after.Ami does help with the nerve pain.

foxglove in reply to Jensue

Good that you recognised shingles, my prob. was too late by the time I realised, but will be on the ball if it happens again - though fingers crossed that doesn't happen!!!

Hi, I have raynauds and other stuff ( as do we all ) I was given amiltriptyline for neuropthic pain and it made it much worse. I have found others that this has happened to. I stopped taking it.

I was on both as OAB must be prostate must be they say! all it did was make my eyes dreadful and amy caused too many issues so glad take neither

Yet been back n forth between pillar&post for years saw head lady at local inco clinic to me she said if have fibro will have these issues as have many customers that have it as a muscle!

Fibro/Raynauds cause bladder issues by virtue of pain signals and as bladder fills sends signal which Raynauds senses as a chill so triggers a response!

Take ginger and Cayenne pepper in your food

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