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Fairy 56,

Thank you to everybody that took the time to reply to my posting. I am sorry I am not replying to you separately, but I am truly thankful. I am starting a cold, you know runny nose then it gets blocked up, funny thing,  it is only one nostril at the moment!! It must be this topsy  turvey weather.  My left hand is playing up today, my little finger and the finger next to it keeps dislocating!! The doctors know all about it and I am off to see occupational therapist in June. My ankles are swelling up too!! To think I used to have dainty feet now they are all squidgy and I cannot wear pretty shoes anymore. Does anybody else have problems with their weight, I seem to be putting on the pounds. Whether its the anti depressant that is causing it or the other medication I am on I just cannot shift the weight.  Anyway this forum is great, we can all share each others concerns and support each other.

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  • Sorry on the cold sniffles...hope you get over that soon! Because immune system is not good...did you get pneumonia jag? Just a thought! Anyhoo.......coincidentally on the dislocation of fingers-my thumb and middle finger do the same thing on dislocating ..not so much the middle finger but my thumb is awful just now -both on the right hand so it can be most annoying trying to pick things up or write. Wonder if it is a Ssc thing?

  • Hi marilynmcl,  thanks for your reply, yes I had the pneumonia and flu jab,  cold is progressing. Perhaps I have highlighted something about fingers, other people may be experiencing same problem.

  • What is an  Sst as I have same problem?  Is it to do with steroid cream xxx

  • Hi thinkpink,  I think perhaps its more to do with scleroderma, who knows. Perhaps I have highlighted something,. Do you have scleroderma? I have the systemic sclerosis type.

  • Same here fairy x

  • Would be interesting to find out if others with Ssc have similar problems with fingers dislocating....anyone with this could you let us know please? x

  • It is Systemic Sclerosis thinkpink...x

  • Thanks. Don't know what's what at the moment , diagnosis is n p Also have raynauds , maybe Sst . It's not easy getting answers from medical team . Feeling frustrated by the whole thing . I think it started with an allergy to a cream put on my sun damaged hand called picato Ingenous at the clinic , have u heard of it, . My arms and legs are a mess .

  • Hi, no I have not heard of that. This scleroderma is a very complicated and frustrating condition, changing from day to day!! I sometimes just have to switch off, because there is so much to take in and live with. Also it is the not knowing where it will all end up. Scary.

  • fairy56 thanks x

  • Marliynmcl thank you for that info. Ssc

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