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swollen hands

well feel fed up today....have got swollen right one is worse...i cannot clench my hand into fist at the moment....the skin feels so tight....i keep moisturising but no help...when i wake up in morning feels like i can feel a rushing feeling in my hands....still waiting for appointment with rheumatologist.....still getting white finger tips but two of my fingers go purple...have been reading other peoples blogs and have realised i am lucky compared to other think i should shut up haha keep warm

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XD Nah, you're good, keep em coming! With regards to the rushing feeling, is there any pain or observable colour changes in the morning?

Scleroderma is not something I know much about unfortunately but I do know that moisturising is only going to bring relief to the symptoms and not actually make the problem go away. Are you taking your medication? Maybe you need more of it?

The RSA recommend the silver gloves for both Scleroderma and Raynauds. It both prevents the dry cracked skin (or at least helps towards) and also keeps your hands warm.

Do you have any triggers for your hands swelling? If it's blood related (I know nothing remember) try raising your hands above your head. The theory is the same with raising your arm to slow bleeding. Blood doesn't like high places. It might help alleviate some of the symptoms. I use the reverse technique to help my Raynauds. (left legs, drop hands :D )


I have got the swelling back ion my right hand, and it is the same as yours in the morning, puffed up and tight skin and can't clench some mornings, too stiff.Finger nest to little one is the worse and is stuck down like in a crab position. I haven't been diagnosed with scleroderma yet, but have the white fingers and if i go out in very cold weather they hurt like hell.Have you tried ibugel or inflammatory gel? Mine was so bad once I used a hand brace or whatever it's called to keep me from clenching at night.

Had both wrists done for carpul tunnel, right one was the worst painful.

Also had my knees go tight and awful pain, can't kneel like I got housemaids knee.

Awful itching on my legs mainly inside the thighs. Thought it was the citalopram so stopped that now, still have the itching.

Started taking Multi Vitamin for over 50 with gingko biloba, but had to cease taking to see if if was that causing the itching

Have no appt with rhuemy, Last time i saw him, he sent me to a physio.

I don;t know the answer to this, sorry.

Where can one get "silver gloves" ? Never heard of that. does one wear them inbed or all the time.

Take care x :)


You get silver gloves from the RSA. They don't look silver. I love them because they are washable so I can keep them on anywhere, the supermarket, eating out etc. I have to have several pairs so I can wash them. I have little sensation in my hands and other gloves make it worse. Those are thin enough for me to use keys etc.


Thanks Zenabb.

Is this the product you refer to. very expensive at £8 each glove


I bought two pairs of normal glovers with fingers in.


I don't use the fingerless gloves. I use the full gloves. It may seem expensive but it is worth it for me.


Hi, I do feel for you, my hands were the same before I was diagnosed with Raynauds and Scleroderma. I couldn't use or open them for a couple of hours when i first got up, but they gradually got better through the day. I was put on nifedipin, which opens the blood vessels to the extremeties, and 7 years later although i have a multitude of other problems, stiff hands is not one of them, although they do still change colour and fluctuate with the temperature. All the best.


Scleroderma means tight skin and our skin gets tight. We me it's in the hands, my feet and my face. Cream helps to soften the skin.


Hi Sandycharlie, of course there are always someone worse off than oneself but that certainly does not mean how you feel is invalid.Your pain is your pain and being cold and achey and stiff and swollen is enough to make anyone fed up, so whilst we sympathise with our fellow sufferers you give yourself the right to say how you feel. It's cool! We understand.

I had much the same problems with my hands plus pins and needles mainly first thing in the morning. I'm frozen stiff as I write this and I'm still in bed under a thick duvet so I know how you feel.

My GP suspected Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which was comfirmed following test for same. I couldn't say if you have this but you could run it pass your doc or check it out online then decide if you want to speak to your GP.

I have to say mine is not as bad as it was and I am not taking any special medicine for this.

I wish you improved health soon.


Yes, I've been very grateful that mine are not as bad as some peoples on here, but as you say, my pain is my pain! :) To address the itching part..... is your itching from Scleroderma? I had itching, like under my skin, like an insect crawling, for 7 years and then they discovered I had Neuropathic pain and put me on Pregabalon and it really helped. Don't know if it will help yours. Hope you find relief soon! Keep your chins up! :)


I got some of the silver gloves when I was in the hospital a few weeks back, they did not work for me. I have found heated gloves work ok, but they can be a bit bulky for everyday use.


hi all, thanks for your comments, i am still waiting for my app with the rheumatologist, my doc says i have raynauds and no mention of Scleroderma, but from what i have read and seen photos, i think i could have it, but i will wait till i get if confirmed. i am not on any med ats the mo as had to stop nif as after a while did'nt agree with me. my hands are not to bad today just a bit swollen an tight, they get easier as the day go on. i have not tried the silver gloves, i have handhotties in my mittens while walking my dog and at work i have the long sleeved wrist warmers plus the magic gripper gloves on... i still get cold fingers but they not as bad or i am getting used to it haha. i still cannnot make a fist but the biggest problem is trying to grip some things it s hard and my hands feel really sore when i try grip some things.

have to say thro it really helps having this sight so you get say whats on your mind it really does help....i think i will feel better once i have seen the rheumatologist and told if i have primary or secondly raynauds and if i have Scleroderma....keep warm everyone and take care...but most of all thanks for being there...talking really helps...xxxx


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